Many ways to own a dream house

Many ways to own a dream house

How would you build? Whether a prefab, solid, extension, kit or log cabin - for the builders there are some ways to build your own home. Which of these you choose depends on many factors and should be carefully considered. To make your decision easier, get to know the briefly summarized characteristics of the different designs.

Prefabricated house - fast way to your own four walls

If you want to get your own house quickly and easily, have your own home delivered. In a prefabricated house, the supplier delivers the individual prefabricated components. At the construction site you put them together, your house is done in no time. This construction method promises an incomparably short construction period in comparison to the massive house. In optics, the differences to a massively built house are no longer recognizable at first glance. The advantages of this design are the short construction time and the full cost control . The quality of the prefabricated components is high, the accuracy and precision allows little moisture to penetrate into the building. The division of labor is schematic in this construction, which saves labor and labor costs. The purchase price is thus much cheaper than in a comparable solid construction.

The manufacture of such houses is subject to different standards in construction, which promises a high quality. The quality controls document the manufacturers with the RAL seal of approval (Reichs Committee for Terms of Delivery) or the seal of the Quality Association Deutscher Fertigbau. Prefabricated house construction also has dark sides. Expressing and realizing individual wishes remains difficult in most cases. This type of house construction is standardized, for the production exist fixed plans. As a builder, you must be aware of any structural changes early on. If you want to customize certain steps in the construction planning, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Check exactly the offers of individual prefabricated house manufacturers for a detailed scope of services. Not all works are included in the offers by default. Prefabricated house, prefabricated house - what in detail is turnkey in this offer?

The term & quot; turnkey & ldquo; is not legally protected in Germany, the interpretation of the different manufacturers may vary. As a rule of thumb, the contractor will do all the raw and interior work. But you must not immediately understand it as completion of the house. Each supplier specifies all the work in detail in a contract in the construction and in the Specifications .

Solid house - the name is program

This construction promises longevity and high stability. Thanks thick walls is good living environment - in summer nice and cool, in winter no unnecessary heat loss, which, among other financial benefits. The air and insulation layer prevents moisture from penetrating into the house. Soundproofing is of great importance to local residents in a massive house: street noise is no longer an issue for you. The fire resistance of the massive houses completes the list of advantages of this construction method. What can deter you as a builder, is a relatively high price for a solid house. In a direct comparison, the prefabricated houses are cheaper to buy, although the price will pay off over the years thanks to the longevity of the massive houses. If you are building a massive house, you have to plan more time than prefabricated house construction. The finished walls have to be heated for weeks to prevent mildew and moisture in the brickwork.

Building Stone on Stone - Material Selection

Depending on what you choose for the Solid House on the material - bricks, limestone or aerated concrete - the thermal insulation and sound insulation will remain different. The advantages and disadvantages in detail:

  • Aerated concrete : The material has good insulation properties , better than bricks. The additional insulation is not necessary, but the disadvantages are in sound insulation.
  • Bricks : Brick is known as the oldest building block. The thermal insulation is excellent in the building material. Also on the subject of moisture protection and mold formation trump the well-tried bricks. The Sound insulation and good thermal insulation are a special feature in the selection of building materials in terms of the quality of living.
  • Sand lime : In sound and fire protection, limestone is no match for any other building material but an additional insulation. Is particularly well-suited for the construction of multi-family homes near roads.
  • Material combinations : Modern building allows the construction materials to be mixed together. For example, a heat-insulating core is surrounded by a hard shell of Expanded clay . The thermal properties are good in the building system. Resistance to external influences remains high, in contrast to thermal insulation from outside.

Solid prefabricated house - Combination of prefabricated and solid house

For several years, you as a builder have been able to combine the advantages of prefabricated house construction with those of solid construction. New construction technologies make it possible to massively build prefabricated houses. Similar to prefabricated timber, the ceilings, roof and walls are prefabricated and assembled quickly on the construction site. Solid houses are made from prefabricated components made of expanded clay or aerated concrete. Both building materials have advantages that are used in this construction. Expanded clay has a good heat storage capacity, remains breathable and allows a good living environment. Aerated concrete has good thermal insulation properties and is very light. The disadvantage is the moisture absorption. Additional insulation from the outside is advisable. On the market you will find suppliers who manufacture bricks for prefabricated houses.

A solid prefabricated house can also be created using composite switching technology. The wood-based panels or Filler brick made of compressed wood shavings or expanded clay are filled with concrete here. A solid house brings the advantages of both construction methods: those of a prefabricated house and the massive house. Build this building like the classic prefabricated house made of wood, so you save a lot of valuable time. You do not need to include a drying time here - it is no longer necessary, as the components in the factory are deprived of moisture during production. After a few weeks, your solid home is ready for interior work. Working time and effort are less than with other building systems.

The windows, doors and pre-installations for electrical, ventilation and sanitary engineering are integrated in the components. The energy efficiency of solid houses can certainly be seen well. They also have excellent fire and sound insulation. Despite lower construction costs, the solid construction houses convey a feeling of value and longevity due to the building materials used, which are certainly not meaningless for you as a builder.

For houses of this type there is no uniform name in Germany. Some manufacturers offer them as solid houses, others as prefabricated houses. For future homeowners, finding the manufacturers of solid prefabricated houses is not easy. Not even because there are only a few providers who sell such houses today.

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