Maritime design in the modern bathroom - these 5 tips make you feel like you're on the high seas

Maritime design in the modern bathroom - these 5 tips make you feel like you're on the high seas

The bathroom is the space in our home to which we often devote the least importance to decorating and decorating. That's a pity, because a poorly furnished bathroom is often just like a wet room. But it does not invite you to feel well. More and more people are therefore looking for tips to make this room more comfortable. There are different decorating styles that you can follow in your bathroom. The maritime design has been part of the classics for several years. However, the times when the bathroom was filled with gaudy souvenirs such as shells, lighthouses and driftwood to provide a maritime atmosphere are fortunately over. In the modern maritime bath, less is more! Below we have put together 5 tips to conjure up maritime flair in your bathroom, without sacrificing a modern look.

Tip 1: Pure nature

For a day at the sea you are surrounded by a charming nature. This effect should also be reflected in the maritime bathroom. When decorating, you should therefore select natural materials and colors and concentrate on gentle, slightly curved shapes. This works with the following tricks:

  • Choose accessories made from natural materials:
    • Natural fiber bath mats
    • Wooden decoration
    • Bamboo sunscreen
  • Bring some indoor plants to the bathroom
  • Decide In the bathtub, washbasin and WC for gently curved shapes

Especially the last point is important, because the gentle forms bring security and warmth into the room. The bathroom shop Calmwaters, for example, offers many stylish pieces of furniture for the bathroom, with which simply a maritime flair can be created. You will also find the matching bathroom fittings there.

Bathroom furniture made of light wood is a perfect match for the white bathroom furniture with its gentle shapes. You do not like it so rustic, but prefer a noble atmosphere? In this case, you are well advised to use bathroom furniture in white color.

The furniture in your maritime bathroom may be made of untreated wood and kept in the popular used look. Rough structures and small traces of use complete the natural atmosphere perfectly.

Tip 2: Lots of light

For a nice day on the high seas, a lot of light is just part of it. For this reason, you should not miss in your maritime bathroom. Use the natural light as much as possible by completely avoiding sun protection on the windows or merely applying a light and bright sunscreen. Design the walls in the bathroom with the brightest possible colors, which emphasize the natural light effect.

In bathrooms that are rather dark, mosaic tiles, mirrors and glass elements can enhance the light.

For the evening hours and the dark winter months, additional artificial light must be integrated. Make sure that all artificial light sources produce as warm a light as possible and set cozy accents with point and indirect lighting.

Tip 3: Tidiness must be

In your maritime bathroom, you want to feel good, to relax and soothe the soul dangle. This works by deliberately bringing calm to the bathroom and keeping things simple with simple tricks. The bathroom ceramics should be kept in reduced, simple forms. Do without ornaments and flourishes. In addition, you should prefer bathroom furniture with doors open shelves. In this way, your utensils disappear behind the closed doors, creating a pleasant sense of order. Uniform colors are a must: In the maritime bathroom, you should limit yourself to the colors white, blue and a little red. For example, buy all towels in blue and incorporate some red accessories.

Tip 4: use deco sparingly

Lovingly designed feel-good bathrooms are trendy. That's why individual decoration is required to set up the bathroom. In the maritime bath brought souvenirs from the last holiday are of course perfect for decoration. So that you still have room to breathe in your bathroom with an extensive full bath, you should use the maritime decoration only sparingly. It used to be customary to house all the holiday souvenirs in a maritime bath. Quick, the bathrooms seemed full and chaotic. Therefore, we advise you to use only a few maritime accessories to underline the sea atmosphere. In this context, we have the following advice for you:

  • A shell of self-collected shells is enough - it does not have to be distributed throughout the room shells
  • A decorative sail knot takes up little space, but can immediately create a marine feeling
  • Weathered Wood Emphasizes the Natural Look and Maritime Flair
  • A few vacation photos on the mirror give your bathroom a personal touch

But remember: By no means should too many decorative items and souvenirs be distributed in the bathroom because that would come

Tip 5: Perfection is undesirable

Finally, we recommend that you do not strive for perfection in a maritime bathroom. Because it is the casual charisma that makes holiday homes by the sea so lovable. The towels do not have to be folded perfectly on edge and not every decorative object has to be put on a fixed place. The maritime bath is happy to be casual, relaxed and laid-back, as it is these attributes that best describe a day at sea.


Maritime bathrooms have gone out of style for a few years not least because of the fact that such baths were previously filled with numerous souvenirs and accessories and therefore looked downright chaotic. Today, bathrooms are back in the maritime look, but with the rule "less is more". Bright colors, few holiday souvenirs, gentle forms, natural materials and a bit of casualness have become the must-haves for every maritime bath.

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