Massive House Market Opportunities: Why they sell well

Massive House Market Opportunities: Why they sell well

Studies show that the performance of a home depends on many reasons. On the supply side, factors such as building land prices and construction costs are eligible. On the demand side, demographics, financial conditions and changes in income play a major role. The relative prices of properties in comparable locations can not be determined by analysis. Rather, these prices are determined by the appreciation of potential buyers, individual features and other factors of the property value of the property. In the summer of 2009, DIA Consulting AG prepared a study to evaluate certain factors in the value of German homes (PDF).

Interesting for this article are three points: The equipment and required properties of the property, the basement as well as the used energy systems.

Required characteristics of a solid house

entrance and exit Two-family houses are in principle built in two ways: as a solid house or as a light / prefab construction method. Both types of construction have many advantages and disadvantages in view of the building technology, the duration of the production and the type of marketing. For future builders decide not only the technical characteristics, life of the house and cost of construction, but also the value in case of resale. We live in a society where mobility plays a big role. Changing lifestyles and alternative forms of life are things that every human being must consider when buying or building their home. Also, the space requirements after the children move out play a significant role. Builders and buyers of real estate are planning in the long term for the future .

The following characteristics demand builders of construction companies to build their future massive house:

  • high value retention
  • good thermal protection
  • long service life
  • high sound insulation
  • good heat storage
  • low operating costs
  • low maintenance costs
  • pleasant room climate
  • ecological construction
  • high fire protection

basement house massif: an important purchase criterion

New construction of a massive house, each client asks the question of whether a cellar should be dug or the property is built directly on a floor slab. A cellar costs more, of course, but also has the advantage that it offers an additional floor space. In addition, a larger usable space can be realized with a cellar with an identical plot size. As a rule, the additional living space is not intended as a living space, but as a practical storage space or boiler room. Reasons against a basement are higher investment and maintenance costs as well as regional characteristics such as flood risks.

Reselling may lead to the decision to use the basement: according to the surveyed experts, the marketing of used solid houses with basement

Heating & Energy: The primary type of heating is crucial in the solid house

The rising cost of energy, especially in the heating sector, where homeowners are spoiled for choice, plays the primary type of heating in a solid house big role in reselling. Alternative energy sources are repeatedly subject to political influences, and there is also a great deal of uncertainty about future relative cost burdens. Also the rapid technical progress is not a big help: Again and again, new systems are presented, which make an even more efficient and cost-effective use possible. For this reason, playInnovative energy sources and System flexibility play an important role.

In the search for a new massive house, more and more people are asking about renewable energies such as solar thermal and geothermal or geothermal energy. Also popular are heat pumps and wood pellet heaters. Conventional solutions such as oil and electric heaters are considered to be neutral to detrimental.

Also popular is a second fireplace in the form of a wood-burning stove, tiled stove or an open fireplace. The second fireplace has less to do with cost savings, but with greater comfort and a need for comfort.

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