Marode Elektrik in the old building: Update for sockets and lines

Marode Elektrik in the old building: Update for sockets and lines

In a home fire, negligence is not always the cause of the disaster. Many fires occur due to outdated or defective electrical systems. Especially in older buildings, where most of the original electrical installation is still in operation, the sparks often fly and cause dangerous situations. Many of the old installations are relaxing to the standards of their time. However, today's standards look different. A renovation is therefore urgently needed.

Laity underestimate the danger

In many old buildings, decades old lines can be found that are not designed for the operation of modern household appliances. There's the washing machine, the dryer, the dishwasher and the microwave - but these appliances use a lot of power, especially when they're running at the same time. In addition, the computer and modern sound systems that devour several hundreds of watts alone. In old buildings not only suitable sockets are missing, but also powerful cables. Although there have always been cases in the past where people were killed due to old power lines and sockets, the problem is still not taken seriously enough.

The problem is primarily with the laity. You can not judge whether the existing power lines and sockets are safe. For this reason, it makes sense for a electrician to check the electrical system in the house from time to time. If defects are found, they can be eliminated directly. Homeowners should not lend a hand themselves. On the one hand, this is dangerous, on the other hand, it could cost the intervention insurance coverage. Unlike in the planning of sockets in new buildings should be the review of the power lines in an old building a professional.

Who lives in an old building with possibly outdated electrical system, should ensure that he is financially secure. Consumers can protect themselves with appropriate home insurance and homeowners insurance. The former replaces, among other things with fire damage the entire household contents. But this does not mean that the entire electrical system has to be modernized.

Planning for the future when renovating

Anyone who renovates today has not only to update their electrical systems, but also plan for the future . Clear trends can already be seen today. Those who invest more now have a few years' rest and do not have to renew their wiring and sockets.

When planning and furnishing, builders and modernizers must look to the future. What devices do they use today, what is their energy consumption and what will they buy in the future? A list of all household appliances and their energy consumption as well as any future purchases helps to better manage the modernization of power lines and sockets. Also important are ways to save energy .

For the benefit of our environment, every modernizer and builder should consider how to save energy. In this special case you can install dimmers that regulate the light intensity of lamps. As a result, a light does not always shine with full energy, which can save electricity and of course money.

Another typical problem with provisional measures is the condition of power strips. As the Stiftung Warentest found in an investigation, 11 out of 19 tested bars were not safe. At high current flow there is a risk that they will heat up. But consumers are also partly to blame for problems: on each power strip is their individual load limit , which of course must be complied with. Socket strips are not permanent and should only be a notel solution until new sockets are installed.

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