Rent Nomads: How Landlords Can Fight the Horror

Rent Nomads: How Landlords Can Fight the Horror

Both renters and landlords want to spend their money wisely. The former want to be sure that tomorrow they will not suddenly be on the street. The latter are looking for the certainty that the landlord is not looking for the space overnight. In fact, rental fraud is not uncommon in Germany. German tenants incur their landlords annually between 300 and 450 million euros, the outstanding debt is currently over two billion euros. The problem : landlords rarely recognize scammers. They often stay on a mountain of debt to cover the eviction costs of the apartment and lawyers, and usually no handover protocol helps.

Rent Nomads: Destructive Cheats of the Modern World

It smells like a predator house, the garbage reaches to the bottom Ceiling and the decor is unrecognizable: The biggest nightmare of a landlord has come true. Mietnomaden have taken up residence and leave a garbage dump, on which the landlord remains. But what exactly are Mietnomaden actually? Basically, these are people who usually deliberately do not pay rent, leave the rented apartment neglected or leave the apartment only through legal proceedings. The term & quot; rental nomad & ldquo; combines the feature of non-payment of rent with that of fraudulent intention.

The fraudulent intentions are not known to many lessors. Many assume that rent nomads can not pay their rent, but they do not want it. It is solely and solely the intention to cheat the provider of the apartment. This happens both in the high-priced and less expensive area. It becomes problematic for landlords for the following reason: The German constitutional state provides a certain procedure to remove non-paying or problem-causing tenants from the apartment. Basically, tenants without eviction notice do not have to leave the apartment, this must first hire a bailiff. Many landlords are very hesitant in this case, because they must first pay an advance. If it comes to the eviction, most landlords have already discovered damage and are not very motivated to invest more money. In this case, however, only one thing helps: Act as quickly as possible. Landlords who are aware that this is not a breach of payment should take immediate action.

In order to clarify the problem left by rental nomads, below are some examples of damage (source: Mietkaftsbund eV):

Loss of tenancy (8 months) 3.200 €
Painting 1.200 €
Repairs 1.400 €
Less deposit (1 month's rent) 400 €
Loss 4,400 €
Loss of tenancy (6 months) 4,800 €
Lawyer 3,200 €
Cleaning 3,900 €
New kitchen 4,000 €
Damage to fitted wardrobes 800 €
Less deposit (2 months 'rent 1,600 €
Damage 15,100 €
Loss of rent (14 months' rent) 13,720 €
Renovation costs 15.000 €
Legal Advice (Excess) 500 €
Less deposit (3 months' rent) 2.940 €
Damage 26.280 €

As in see the tables, b The rental loss alone amounts to considerable sums. In addition, there are usually costs for renovation and a lawyer.

Further information about the behavior and problems of rental nomads are in the study "Mietnomaden, how serious is the danger?" [PDF; 130 KB] by Markus Artz.

Only a few landlords own a fine nose for rental nomads. That's why they are on the safe side when they take out a rent cancellation insurance. This insurance applies in the following cases:

  • if the tenant fails to pay the rent,
  • the apartment is vacant by not renting and
  • in case of renovations after the departure of a tenant

The Rent Loss Insurance thus protects against any damage to the property operator's property which This occurs when a tenant does not fulfill his obligations, which are regulated in the lease. Rental arrears including ancillary costs are covered by the insurance beginning with the emergence. Particularly interesting: From notification of damage is even paid retroactively for up to six months. Furthermore, the rental loss insurance pays for refurbishment costs incurred by clearing out, basic cleaning, renovation or renovation of the housing unit. The same applies to the replacement or repair of stolen, damaged or destroyed components of the apartment (furniture for example). Due to the renovation, an apartment can not be rented for a while, this time is compensated by the rental loss insurance for a maximum of three months.

The cost of a rent cancellation insurance varies : Some insurers estimate an annual contribution, measured by a sum insured. Other companies require a certain percentage (about two percent) of the annual net rent. The service period is between three and 24 months.

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