Modern and classic accents in the nursery

Children today are confronted with various requirements and tasks even in pre-school age that the current generation of adults can not comprehend in any way. For this reason alone, it is necessary to give his child a place of safety and security, to take an extensive distance from just those things. Modern children's rooms are characterized by a fluid transition between working, learning and playing areas.

How do you explain using several key points how you can functionally renew older furniture pieces and bring a structure into the nursery?

Disorder to avoid at all times

Children perceive outer appearances and events far more intensively than, for example, would be the case with adolescents. So there is always the danger of being distracted or disturbed, if one does not find his rhythm. For this reason, it is important to use the storage space in the nursery extensively, but not to hide behind always the same facades. Very interesting are transparent storage boxes as well as wooden models in lattice format, which are available in different sizes and can be inserted with simple handles. By varying the color here, but also giving your child a little insight into the content, you bring the first creative element into the nursery.

This may also refer to the concepts of the furniture store Spilger, which integrative nursery and a variety of Offers option furniture arranged according to style. So, the nursery stands out "Oasis & ldquo; For example, the fact that flexibly cut shelves and shelves, made of high-quality wood optics, ensure a natural living ambience.

Modern LED light

Independent studies regularly prove that actively structured light helps to increase the ability to concentrate. Especially in the nursery you should therefore consider which areas require active and which passive lighting. The area of ​​the desk and the play area, whether as a table or on the floor, should be actively illuminated. In the meantime, the highly advanced and advanced LEDs are recommended here, which allow the light intensity to be adjusted and can use a wide range of colors. The environment is thus somewhat neglected and the focus is placed on the respective area, so that even in smaller children's rooms excited work is possible.

Use roof pitches

Children love to settle in their own four walls and live out their creativity - this Freedom should be given to you, regardless of the actual equipment or structure, in any case. First of all, a bed under a sloping roof takes away very little space, at the same time allowing a cozy retreat. A sturdy cord could then be used to create a kind of privacy screen that can be chosen or changed as desired, which provides relaxation during storms or stormy nights.

Furthermore, a pitched roof can also be used for a kind of artist wall on which Your child can hang his favorite pictures. So you do not have to work hard with paint or wallpaper, which is advantageous in the later conversion to the youth room. Very interesting are also the popular lampshades in spherical shape, which simply bring more intense light into the play area under the slope if necessary.

Put on natural wood

The proportion of objects made of plastic or aluminum should be as low as possible in the nursery , Rather, here are furniture made of natural wood suitable to give children the opportunity to customize their room. So you can easily with brushes, but also old scraps of cloth or playing cards, edit the furniture and leave creative. In the meantime, flexible, custom-made furniture made of natural wood is available that contains small compartments or extendible surfaces for storage.

A tip: Use the largest drawer to house the computer here. You will soon discover that working effectively at the desk is easier and your child is more motivated.

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