Modernizing the bathroom: the lighting

Modernizing the bathroom: the lighting

An important part of any modernization is the development of a successful lighting concept. In the bathroom you need a good combination of ceiling light and backlit lighting. The basic light in the bathroom should be at least 300 lux. So it is easy to see even the fine whiskers to implement the perfect beauty routine. So that the room is illuminated as far as possible, you should use a lampshade that evenly distributes the light - for example, opal glass. But what else is there to keep in mind to illuminate the bathroom properly?

Do not miss out on the unusual

For creating a modern lighting concept in the bathroom, you should think outside the box. For long gone are the times when a bath lighting consisted of a ceiling lamp and a light bulb above the mirror. Today, there are both innovative and modern ideas for bathroom lighting. It is important that they match your individual requirements and fit elegantly into the room concept.

So whether you want to let light elements into the floor or provide a bath rail with a light rail, there's a lot to discover.

The right one Select light for the mirror

A well-lit mirror allows for a clean shave, easy application of make-up and a good care routine. If the mirror is illuminated from both sides, it does not matter how the daylight falls into the room - you always have a good view of your entire face.

For very long mirrors, it is advisable to have a long light element on the entire surface To install top. It does not fade and distributes the light evenly over the entire mirror surface.

Can a shower be lit?

Modern bathroom, modern lighting! A lighted shower has several benefits:

  • Looks good.
  • Improves the shower experience.
  • Boosts safety.

We strongly recommend that you have electrical work done in the shower by an expert to let. Incorrect wiring can lead to fatal accidents. Of course, this also applies to other wet areas, such as a sauna.

If you spend a lot of time in the bathtub, you can also work with individual lighting concepts here. How about a reading light? In order to control such very special light sources individually, the circuit must be designed accordingly. Comprehensive light source planning is therefore essential before upgrading.

Use dimmers in the bathroom. The individual areas of the bathroom can be illuminated quite differently. A flexible lighting concept is especially useful when a large number of people are using the room.

Choosing an LED lighting system

The subject of energy saving and environmental friendliness should also be taken into account for a modern space. For lighting, this means that the use of LED bulbs and LED bulbs is the best choice. Because these lamps convince in many areas:

  • Durable
  • Energy-saving
  • Dimmable
  • Good light source

Bulbs that do not rely on the high-quality LED technology should have a large beam angle. The larger the angle, the larger the area that is illuminated. It is not always possible to take the required information from the packaging. If possible, test the lamps at a specialist dealer or call on the advice of an expert. High-quality online shops are able to respond to inquiries correctly.

For use in a damp room, both the lampholder and the light source must be at least IP44 certified. This means that the articles are protected against splashing water and steam.

The LED bulbs are also available in colored options. They create a special mood in the room. A great idea is, for example, the lighting of the bathtub or shower head. Again, please make sure that all elements are properly installed.

A simple LED spotlight is ideal for illuminating the wall surfaces. This serves primarily as an effect light and less as a useful light.

Lighting control in the bathroom

If the bathroom is designed without a window, the lighting does not follow the natural daylight in the room. It is determined solely by your individual preference. However, rooms with daylight must be illuminated differently at each time of day. For the planning of the room, therefore, include the natural incidence of light.

With the help of a central control module, it is possible to adjust the lighting automatically throughout the day. In the early morning hours, for example, a bright, intense light is very stimulating. There is also plenty of lighting to apply make-up or to have a close shave.

For a cozy evening routine, a warm white light is the best choice. It slowly attuns the body to the coming phase of rest. In addition, there are the options to connect additional light sources separately, if you want to adjust your make-up or indulge yourself with a facial treatment.

It is important to include a possible lighting control early in the planning.

Illuminating the light switch

If you go to the bathroom at night, the light switch should be centrally located and easy to reach. You can think about integrating a small lighting. This is an advantage especially in households with young children.

For large bathrooms with two entrances, double switching is important. Each outlet has light switches that can turn the light on and off, depending on the position.

Lamps as a Design Element

A good lamp concept also takes into account the design of the lamp itself. A big statement piece is an unusual choice for a bathroom, but a fresh change from classic designs. How about a chandelier in the bathroom?

The use of a floor lamp is also conceivable. Easy-to-move lighting elements that quickly bring the desired light anywhere in the room are particularly practical. As a side table next to the bathtub a light cube could be used - the imagination is really no limits.


The modernization of a bathroom must take into account many areas. The design of a lighting concept is particularly important. Because this is not just about choosing the right lamps, the electrical wiring in the bathroom must be right. The combination of multiple light sources and light sources allows you to enjoy the best lighting in the bathroom at any time of day and for any benefit.

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