Modernize living room - small FAQ

Modernize living room - small FAQ

Modernize living space, so as to current technical Realizing trends or increasing the value of the property are currently in vogue. One reason for this is certainly the favorable conditions of the banks, especially the state-owned KfW banking group, which covers precisely this area with the 141 and 155 funding programs. Many things and concepts are not immediately understandable, there is often a need for inquiries.

In this article we want to try to answer the most important questions. Due to the constantly changing conditions, however, no guarantee can be given for this.

The typical questions

  • Submission : In principle, an application must be submitted before the start of the action. The beginning of the measure is defined as the point in time at which craftsmen render corresponding services or an advance payment is demanded. It is therefore advisable to have a financing discussion with the house bank, so that this is documented. Alternatively, it is customary that late promotion is only possible if the progress of the measure is still less than 50 percent.
  • Call-off period : A promised loan must be called within twelve months. Alternatively, it can be extended for another year, but at a commission of 0.25 percent per year.
  • Architects : Basically, costs are borne by architects, but also by energy consultants and other planners , However, these must always relate to the eligible measure and be within the maximum amount of aid
  • Unapproved grants : If you also benefit from public subsidies or public funds that have been committed or not, an increase can be made , This regulation also applies regularly if the project has already been completed.
  • Construction Aid : Contrary to widespread opinion that costs for construction workers are partly covered by the funding, this must be answered in the negative. Even then, there is no eligible partial service if there is an invoice for it. Only invoices from specialist firms are accepted.
  • In-house services : If you have previously increased your own equity capital while at the same time reducing the credit requirements, no funding can take place here. The regulations are relatively clear and state that only services performed by specialist firms are eligible for funding, as shown in the respective KfW program. An exception applies only if you, as the applicant, are yourself craftsmen, appearing on your own account or with a sole proprietorship on the market.

This is ineligible

  • Tiled stoves and wood-burning stoves, ie so-called individual fireplaces, are not eligible.
  • Also excluded is a new basement, unless this is necessary repair work .
  • The problem is mixed-use real estate, which is partly used commercially. Basically, only the investment costs of housing are subsidized, in proportion to the ratio of commercial living space. Only those costs that are fully attributable to private housing can be set at the appropriate rate according to the maximum rate.
  • Photovoltaic installations are also excluded from the subsidy. On the other hand, there are special programs for this, even with private banks that may be possible.

Safety during renovation - Safety shoes

Finally, we would like to give you tips on how to work properly and safely in other areas. Many accidents happen due to inadequate or faulty protective clothing, which makes sense in renovations.

  • Choose safety shoes with integrated steel cap. This protects when working with the saw and similar tools.
  • High-quality work shoes are also equipped with a high-quality textile, which is breathable and offers a comfortable fit.
  • The insole should be continuous and fill the entire footbed.

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