Organizing Relocation to Nuremberg

Organizing Relocation to Nuremberg

When moving to Nuremberg, I'm sure you'll have many questions in advance that you would like to have an answer for. It does not matter if you have to bridge a short distance - for example because you want to move from Fürth to Nuremberg - or if you have to overcome a long distance, because you have lived in a completely different corner of Germany so far. Every private move involves a great deal of time, work and money, and company relocations of entire companies are often even more complicated. A professional removal service can greatly simplify your move to Nuremberg. He does not only take care of the transport of your furniture, but also takes care of important planning and consulting tasks. In any case, you should plan your move well in advance and organize well.

Moving to Nuremberg - Good planning is all you need

Before the move can begin, you must arrange a handover appointment with the new landlord , Take a close look at all the rooms and record any possible defects in writing. Then the renovation of the rooms can begin - either on your own or by your moving company. A furniture plan makes sense if you assign a forwarding company to relocate so that the helpers know which rooms the pieces of furniture belong to.

On the actual move day you should at least plan to build a (temporary) sleeping place and a cooking area. The other furniture can then be set up in the coming days.

Even a timely cost plan is important to bring the move to Nuremberg without difficulty over the stage.

The most important addresses for your move to Nuremberg

There are a few addresses that will be of great help to you when moving to Nuremberg.

Which Moving Companies Are There in Nuremberg?

The following companies are known to make removals - whether corporate or private moves - cheap and professional:

  • A & E Logistik GmbH & Co. KG Removals in Nuremberg
  • Removals Rödel - International Removal and Furniture Forwarding in Nuremberg
  • C & M Removal Logistics in Nuremberg
  • KT Removals & Transportation in Nuremberg

All these moving companies have good reviews and convincing references. However, they offer different services at different prices. Therefore, a comparison is worthwhile.

Where is the new apartment registered?

Within 14 days of the move, you must announce your new residence at a registration office in Nuremberg.

Where can vehicles be changed or rebooked?

If you need to register or change your vehicle, you can do so at the vehicle registration office in Nuremberg. In addition to the vehicle registration document and the vehicle registration document, you must also provide proof of the valid main inspection, the ID card, the eVB number, the SEPA direct debit mandate and the application for admission. The vehicle registration office is located at Großreuther Straße 115B in 90425 Nuremberg.

Where are no parking signs available?

In areas with high parking density you will need a no-parking sign. Such a request can be made to the Public Transport Authority:

Public Utility Nuremberg
Road and Traffic Law
Building Courtyard 2, Room 106 Ground Floor
90402 Nuremberg

The approval is sometimes linked to certain conditions. If you opt for a removal service, this usually takes care of the corresponding prohibition signs.

Moving to Nuremberg - How to save costs?

Each Wohnwechsler pursues the goal of their own move as cheap as possible and without difficulty on the stage bring. Hiring a moving company is therefore out of the question for most people. Often, the self-organized move but not cheaper, so it is worthwhile to set up all the cost items and compare the total with the offer of the forwarding, which usually already contains all fees. For the move on their own costs are incurred for the truck, which can be very high depending on the size and distance. There are also fees for the fuel, the boxes, the packaging material, the no-show signs, the helpers' food and much more. Often, the removal company is only more expensive at first glance than moving it on its own.

What services do freight forwarders in Nuremberg undertake?

If you decide to hire a forwarding agent to move to Nuremberg, you can choose different services book. Depending on your personal wishes, the furniture carrier can take care of all the details of your move. If you book such a complete relocation, the moving company will take care of all the tasks that are due to the move:

  • Packing the boxes
  • Removing the cabinets and furniture
  • Transporting the entire household items to the new apartment
  • Reconstruction of the furniture
  • Removing the boxes

You only have to take care of the organization yourself and have nothing else to do. However, such a complete removal is also relatively expensive. With a partial removal, you save money, but you have to take on more tasks yourself, such as packing and unpacking the boxes.

Moving to Nuremberg is child's play with a moving company

No matter if you are looking for a complete or Partial relocation by the freight forwarding company decides that it is worthwhile for several reasons not to handle the move completely on their own. The employees of a moving company have been busy for many years planning complete relocations, safely transporting furniture and parking and unloading large transporters to busy areas. Accordingly, they have a wealth of experience that will benefit you in your move. The removal service does not only take care of the implementation on the move day, but also in advance to the individual consultation. A professional moving company is therefore a good partner for any questions you may have about moving to Nuremberg.

Keep Your Eyes on Choosing a Moving Company

If you want to have your move to Nuremberg done by a professional company, then there is an appropriate one

Not all service providers for removals are really serious. Rating portals on the internet are helping to sort out the black sheep.

In addition, you should definitely ask for offers on the exact prices in advance. Make sure that the removal company is a member of the Bundesverband Möbelspedition (AMÖ) e.V. This association awards a seal to its members, ensuring professionalism. A good removal service is still recognizable by other features. For example, he inspects your removal goods on site before the moving day, so that the volume can be accurately estimated. The employees take time for your questions and problems. In addition, you should immediately receive all important documents such as the proof of insurance, the references and the written offer. Talk about the terms of payment in detail and read the reviews before submitting your order to a company


For moving to Nuremberg, there are some addresses that the person moving should know, such as the contact details of good and reputable removal companies. Whether the move is done on your own or with a relocation service depends on several factors. In any case, the removal by a forwarding agency is not always more expensive, so the costs should be compared in advance.

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