Relocation on their own or with a firm?

Relocation on their own or with a firm?

Germany is undergoing constant change, especially with regard to residential real estate. Construction activity is at its highest level since the mid-1990s, and modernization, renovations and densification are being implemented everywhere. The supply of residential real estate is becoming more diverse, a circumstance that does not restrict the already active relocation activity of the Germans. If it is practical to move with all his belongings, it will be more difficult. Time and financial aspects are just two factors to consider.

In this article, the peculiarities and circumstances of a move on its own with the advantages and disadvantages of moving with a moving company are presented.

What things have to be considered when moving?

A move always leads, as it were, to dealing with the depots and lumber rooms of your own household. Gone are the days when you pay little attention to these deposits. The beginning of each move planning, regardless of the execution, is therefore the creation of an inventory list. Not every piece of hardware has to be listed exactly, but a gradation in terms of size, function and important / unimportant is recommended. Not everything has to go with it into the new apartment, in many cases a house flea market is worthwhile. This step can only be relegated to professional service providers to a limited extent, but it can be accomplished with the help of energetic helpers in a reasonable amount of time.

In the further course, it depends on which furnishing items are to be brought into the new apartment. In many cases, the question arises, which can be transported there at all. Because many pieces of furniture are only "one-off" as it were. Construction suitable, they are due to the design therefore not suitable for transport. Likewise, with higher-quality furnishings added that set up and dismantling in addition to correspondingly free time above all requires a lot of manual skill. Things that are hard to reconcile during normal working hours. In addition, for the relocation date itself vacation days are required, which thus make the actual effort visible.

For particularly high-quality furnishings, it is also a liability issue that hedges the financial risk when commissioning a removal company. But here, too, it depends on the design, there are maximum rates.

Characteristics of the move on their own

The factors of time and money are regularly decisive driving forces in the decision to lift the move together with helpers on their own. Here, only sufficient lead time is necessary and the certainty that helpers are also available in sufficient numbers and at the right time. The vagaries of everyday life also play a role here, so you should have a high frustration tolerance.

  • Create a checklist that shows all the important steps with time, number of helpers required and time / period frame
  • List in which part of the relocation goods professional service providers are to be used. In some respects, such as pianos, massive furniture and the like, it just makes little sense given the risks. Alone due to the lack of resources and means of transport, but also due to the accident risks and the inevitable liability issues.
  • Moving into inner cities shows a limited parking situation with resulting difficulties when loading or maneuvering. In addition, depending on the regulations of the municipality, there are peculiarities concerning the setting up of no-stopping zones.
  • A removal van has to be procured, additionally a driver with a valid driving license for this class is required. In some liability insurances, there are excerpts related to removal-related damage, which must first be clarified. Likewise, the use of the transport must be planned, since, for example, initially the clearing with subsequent trip to the recycling yard is incurred. In addition, there are uncertainties, such as the shuffling out of storage rooms that adversely affect the timetable.

Moving House Removal Assignments

If you decide to hire a removal company, many of these factors are simply eliminated. Specialized removal service providers have the trained and experienced specialist staff when it comes to special pieces of furniture. They are used to working in a systematic manner and are able to provide for quick order in their own home. A reputable service provider offers its services on the basis of a checklist, which should describe the nature and extent of the move. For example, calculations are made based on the distance, the size of the item to be moved (ccm.sup.3) and other factors.

Basically, both complete and partial quotations will be available. The type of service you choose depends not least on your own contribution. Individual arrangements are common, they can be made in terms of assembly and disassembly of furniture, the packing of moving boxes and other things. The risk of causing damage due to a lack of DIY knowledge, such as the construction of kitchen or electrical appliances, is passed on to the removal company. Depending on the type of transport and the associated service, there is a different level of coverage by means of transport insurance.

It is advisable to hire a removal company, especially in the case of international removals. Customs formalities, regional peculiarities and, not least, temporal aspects are too complex for this undertaking.

Checklist for hiring a removal company

  • Damages in the course of the move are borne by the removal company, where a legally stipulated minimum insurance sum of EUR 620 per cubic meter of moving goods applies.
  • Particular attention should be paid to disclaimers that removal companies make in their terms and conditions. This usually refers to sensitive technical devices or previous in-house services.
  • When comparing multiple relocation offers, it is important to compare the individual conditions more closely. What is the additional burden for delays? What other costs can be incurred in case of uncertainties?
  • If it is only a question of transport and the construction of important individual parts, such as kitchen or furniture pieces, is done elsewhere, this should only be agreed upon. This will minimize the risk of warranty claims if improperly done.
  • Damage and missing parts of each item should be documented beforehand in writing and with filming. This makes it easier to prove later claims for redress.

Conclusion and concluding remarks

With a tight budget and the secure help of friends and acquaintances, it is quite appropriate to carry out the move on your own. Above all, if equally craft activities (assembly and disassembly, installations) can be taken over by trusting third parties, that saves time and money. If a manageable scale still needs to be transported and the distances can be managed flexibly, nothing stands in the way of good planning if the right planning is made.

In all other cases where, for example, the distances are long, or specific, heavy and bulky Furniture, it is advisable to hire a removal company. Such special cargo takes up a lot of time and resources, in addition to the actual tool. In particular, there are advantages especially with time-consuming moves, so that the savings of holiday days must also be considered in relation to the costs of commissioning the removal company


The move on your own requires accurate planning, a large time window and sufficient helpers. Complete and package services of a removal company can affect large parts of the move and accelerate it. Saved holidays can be meaningfully offset with costs incurred.

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