Moving with a dog: tips for a successful change of residence

Moving with a dog: tips for a successful change of residence

According to the Association for the German canine dog live about ten million dogs in Germany. Most pet owners (7.89 million) own only a four-legged friend. For her, the dog is an important member of her family. Therefore, they want to make sure during a move that he does not miss anything, he feels comfortable in the new apartment and also the transport to the new home runs smoothly. Tips and advice for relocating will follow.

The dog is the second most popular pet in Germany

Dogs have been enjoying uninterrupted sympathy for many years, as a study by the German Pet Supplies Association proves. A majority of non-owners (70 percent) like the animals and the vast majority of respondents agree that dogs perform an important function in modern society. You are not just a simple pet, but a family member, which can help with loneliness, among other things. Some specially trained animals (guide dogs) perform vital tasks for a particular group of people (blind people).

Dog owners know how important their pet's welfare is. That's why they invest a lot of time and money to make the dog feel good. This is also important in a move, because this can be very stressful for pets, due to the change of the familiar environment.

Choose a suitable apartment for themselves and their dog

Considerate dog owners think in their search for accommodation to their animal Friend. He has become accustomed to the living environment and would prefer not to leave it at all. But a move usually takes place for a good reason, so the family does not have much of a choice. However, she can use the change of residence to give the dog an even better environment to live on.

Following tips, we have :

  • Create a list of wishes and criteria that the new apartment must meet.
  • If possible, the new apartment should have a garden where the dog can stay.
  • Ask the landlord if he allows dogs.

Basically, the new apartment must fit the family and the four-legged friend. A house with a garden is not automatically better if the animal is lonely there, because the masters do not go with him anymore. Hardly any dog ​​breed can occupy itself in the garden in the long term, unless they are watchdogs who take their job very seriously.

Another problem for dogs could be an apartment on an upper floor. If the building does not have a lift, the dog has to climb stairs every day. This is usually not a problem in his younger years, but even dogs can age and suffer from osteoarthritis, the most common joint disease in animals. Small dogs can carry their owners up and down the stairs. For larger breeds, no-one will want to do this daily exercise.

Large households, especially families with many (small) children, should make sure the home is big enough for their pet. Every living thing needs its personal retreat - the dog is no exception. Some copies are overwhelmed with noisy households and want to retire; others are disturbed by loud children and can not calm down.

Get used to the dog before moving to the apartment

The election has been canceled and preparations for the move will start in the foreseeable future. Until packing boxes are packed, pet owners should seize the opportunity to get the dog used to the new home:

  1. Take the dog to the new home on a walk before moving home and let him explore his future territory.
  2. The four-legged friend should be give the opportunity to also discover the neighborhood.
  3. Every time you visit a home, bring familiar items such as a bowl or a toy, so that the apartment smells familiar.

It can happen that the dog has not got used to the new apartment and is running away from home. For those cases, there should be a pendant with the owner's address on his collar.

Preparing to Move

Your dog was getting used to the apartment and its owners were getting ready for the move. A few hours you should take time to pack all the animal's items in moving boxes.

  • Checklist
  • Pen
  • Moving Box
  • Wrapping Paper

First of all, it is a good idea to create a checklist. What things belong to the dog, what does he no longer need and what new accessories does the quadruped deserve?

The following things usually end up in the moving box:

  • Feeding and drinking bowls
  • Dog food for the first days
  • a used blanket
  • the favorite toy
  • the usual drinking water
  • medicines

It's important not to throw things like the favorite toy or a used blanket away. They bring the animal familiarity and should be taken to the new apartment. Toys, which the four-legged friend has never really paid attention to, can safely be given to another dog owner.

Anyone who changes their place of residence should not forget to also change the dog name. Dog owners must tell the office responsible for the dog tax the new address.

Carry out the move without a dog

On the big move day, the four-legged friend should not stay in the apartment. The numerous helpers, the littering and other excitement would put the poor animal under unnecessary stress.

We recommend that dog owners ask their friends or acquaintances before moving to see if they can take care of the pet for a few hours. It is important to choose caregivers who know and can handle the dog.

If there is no way to take care of your dog outside the home, you should completely empty a quiet room for him be there in advance Place cots and toys. It is important that nobody bothers him in the room and that he does not notice as much of the hustle and bustle as possible. At the same time there should be things near it that calm the animal.

Transporting the animals to the new apartment

The first step has been taken: the moving boxes are in the new apartment. Now only the dog has to be transported to the new home - and that's not always an easy task.

If the path to the new home is not within walking distance, all that remains is a means of transport such as the car Train or plane left.

  • Auto : With the car, dog owners have the greatest control over the transport. You can take regular breaks and give the dog the opportunity to stretch his legs.
  • Train : Long distances can be covered by train. In this case, we recommend that you change trains on a regular basis so that the dog can stretch its legs.
  • Aircraft : Dog owners can use their aircraft to move their pet over very long distances (eg moving abroad) to their new home transport.

Most masters carry their dog in the car in the new apartment. For this they should use a special transport box for dogs, which is spacious and brings the animal safely into the new apartment. Before the move, it is advisable to get the dog used to the car if he has never driven in a car.

The adjustment phase after the move

The dog was safely taken to the new apartment. Now, his owners must offer him comfort and help the animal get used to its new territory.

Even in the new apartment, her dog should have a permanent retreat. There, dog owners can set up the sleeping basket of the dog with his favorite blanket and some toys. The chosen retreat location must not be changed.

The apartment and surroundings can explore owners and dog owners together piece by piece. Caution is advised when there are unknown plants in the garden or there are busy roads nearby.

If all goes well, the dog will quickly forget his last precinct and look forward to his new home.


The move with dog should be well planned by master. Dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety when they move home. Your dog will be happy in the new house with the preparations and tips mentioned by us.

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