Necessary insurance cover

Necessary insurance cover

Your own construction site is an immense factor of insecurity, because you go ahead and usually put everything on the edge by commissioning a general contractor with the construction work. It is not uncommon for improper work to be repaired or even impossible to remedy - the difficult construction sector is forcing contractors to offer more at the expense of safety and quality offers, which are opaque to the client

Considering additionally the financial risks, and thus also the risk of over-indebtedness due to botch-up on the construction site, a skillful risk analysis is required. Therefore, it is important to calculate necessary costs in the form of insurances and services by independent experts before the actual construction project in order to reduce damage and to be on the safe side. Each construction site represents a workplace that is used by many craftsmen and assistants of different trades.

It is understandable that even accidents can occur here due to carelessness or incorrect operation of machines for standstill and necessary repairs to care. Furthermore, this is associated with risks for uninvolved third parties, if building rubble falls on the street or fuses were attached only half-heartedly. Regardless of whether you work in self-directed or whether you employ a construction partner, such as an architect, it should be noted that there can be no full disclaimer.

What is important as well as which insurance must be compulsorily completed.

Determining the right protection

Construction projects are too different to give general advice here. It is therefore important that you know and follow some rules when planning, so that you are legally protected. Especially with regard to the decisive consideration of risks, you should work together with a expert or a construction consultancy so that you do not save money at the expense of others.

Especially if you work in the form of in-house work, and so on To contribute and at the same time save costs, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is not for nothing that many neglect this point. However, in-house financing is treated as equity capital and paves the way to one's own four walls. If you have friends and acquaintances who work here and there (for a fee or free of charge), you must register them with the local building cooperative (Bau-BG). Accidents resulting from construction activities are thus insured by the cooperative.

This mandatory information is required in advance. With regard to the contributions to be paid, it depends on how many helpers are at work and how many hours are actually spent. In addition, make sure that the helpers or on behalf of the helpers have taken out liability insurance covering property damage as well as personal injury .

Keep an eye out for the choice of craft business

But also with the pure commissioning It is not done by craftsmen, especially with regard to risk minimization in construction. The mere commission of third parties therefore does not exempt you from liability reasons, which is why it is important to have the necessary evidence presented to you when the offer is submitted. These are, in particular, proof of the workers' report to the Bau-BG as well as proof of sufficient insurance coverage with respect to damage to property and personal injury.

Unfortunately, construction companies have a reputation for using illegal workers - here, of course, the necessary evidence is lacking, so these risks have to be taken into account. The Chambers of Commerce and the Chambers of Crafts are therefore the first point of contact, as well as suitable guilds for certain trades, with which you can select suitable craft businesses.

Calculating helpful insurance companies

In Germany, the country of many insurance companies for everything, insurance coverage counts for a lot , It is not for nothing that many providers come to the forefront, who primarily approach home builders and the like in the field of special insurance.

An important component could therefore be the owner's liability, as this covers damage to uninvolved third parties. The house and landowners liability is particularly suitable for owners of land and apartment buildings, as it covers third party damage to the property.

Furthermore, in vulnerable areas, the completion of a so-called Bodenseeschafthaftpflicht may be necessary, especially then if you work with oil tanks and the groundwater is polluted by heating oil, for example, through sabotage or the like.

Set individual scale

Once the property has been completed and you have moved in with your child and bowling, the main focus is on homeowners insurance. In combination with a elementary damage insurance , the house protects you against damage caused by fire or floods and other environmental catastrophes.>

In the course of the increasingly customer-friendly insurance market, there are now a number of complete packages You should check here whether a double or overinsurance occurs. Particularly in mining-damaged regions with the Ruhr area and in the Saarland, it is becoming increasingly important to commission specialized engineering firms to detect mining damage at an early stage.

Every year, over 100 million euros of costs are incurred by successor organizations of the former mines. to intervene regulatively. So do not leave anything to chance in your design and invest your money in advance in necessary auditing and advisory services to get the right insurance cover in the end.

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