Renovation of old buildings: How to get your old house going

Renovation of old buildings: How to get your old house going

In recent years, real estate heat demand has decreased due to new, more demanding building standards, higher quality materials and designs. New buildings must already be constructed in accordance with the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). At the same time, the Federal Republic is trying to create incentives for owners of existing properties to renew their buildings.

Maintenance will come to you sooner or later in every house. With little extra cost, builders today have the opportunity to realize energy saving measures. However, many people shy away from the costs, the circumstances and the preparations.

5 Errors Regarding the Renovation of Old Buildings

Builders are always afraid to renovate their house. Especially with old real estate they consider the effort too high, too tedious and too expensive, without it in the end worthwhile. In the following, we have listed five typical errors about the refurbishment of old buildings , which builders are convinced of.

  1. First, insulate the façade: Basically damaging a house is sensible, but not always absolutely necessary. The task of the builders is to first check whether this also makes sense. According to the Energy Saving Ordinance, homeowners have to insulate their façade if they have to repopulate at least ten percent of the area due to upcoming measures.
  2. Alternative heating systems are not worthwhile: This assumption is partly true, because innovative heating systems work best in low-heat homes , With a corresponding upgrading of the building envelope, however, the purchase of a micro- or mini-CHP is also worthwhile.
  3. An old property can not become an efficiency house: this assumption is wrong, with a suitable refurbishment an old building can reach the passive house standard. This requires thermal insulation and optimization of the heating and windows.
  4. There are hardly any subsidies available for the refurbishment: Also wrong: builders who want to refurbish their building with energy can obtain subsidies or interest-earning loans from KfW. The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau promotes individual measures as well as complete refurbishments.
  5. The cost of refurbishment costs a lot of money: not if you prepare the refurbishment well. The first step would be to claim professional help. Only an expert can estimate the old building and the necessary costs for a refurbishment.

Why renovating old buildings is worthwhile

There are many reasons for renovating old buildings. Builders often spend years thinking about it until they decide on the refurbishment . In other cases, an incident, such as a leaky drain pipe, makes the long-cherished wish a reality. It does not matter for what reasons you ultimately decide on the refurbishment of old buildings, now it is time to think comprehensively about the upcoming work. It takes a lot of time and usually a certain amount of financial leeway, so that the renovation succeeds. In addition, a professional analysis of the building helps to plan the action, so as not to overlook details, avoid mistakes and save money.

The two main goals of building renovation are:

  • Value Retention & Value Improvement : Each building has a limited lifespan. This can be extended by paying attention to a high quality of the components and careful care. In order to preserve the value of the house, regular renovations or renovations of worn parts of the building (for example roof tiles, pipes, windows, etc.) are necessary.
  • Increasing living comfort : Old buildings in many ways no longer offer modern living comfort. Simply glazed windows make rooms uncomfortable and the residents burden the sensation that "pulls it out". In addition, the windows of old homes are often very small, so that not enough sunlight is incident.

As can be seen from this article, the renovation is in many ways a more than sensible investment, which, however, with great care, Planning and professional help should be accepted.

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