Tidiness in the bathroom: more space to relax

Tidiness in the bathroom: more space to relax

Over the years, the bathroom has changed from a simple wet room to an oasis of well-being. As a result, there is no room for clutter and large, bulky furniture in the modern bathroom. In this article, we explain to our readers how to keep order in existing bathrooms and how to plan that space to save themselves from having to tidy up regularly.

Who does not know the problem: shower gel, shampoo bottles, toothbrush and toothpaste - they all stand somewhere in the bathroom, have no real place and just seem lost. Even the towels are on the window sill - this is not a practical solution. Anyone who sets up his bathroom so not only risks venting these important things, the mess does not look too pretty either. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem, in this case it is called Bathroom Cabinet. It is available in various shapes and finishes, as a mirror cabinet, wall unit, washbasin cabinet and many more. Washbasin cabinet: unobtrusive and functional

The practical washbasin cabinet is, as the name implies, mounted below the washbasin. He is practical because he actually takes up little or no space, but also offers plenty of storage space. At the same time, it also conceals the unsightly drainpipe, which disappears inside the cabinet. Also particularly practical is a washbasin cabinet with castors, which can be easily moved if needed. Inside the cabinet you can store cleaning supplies, towels and many other utensils that should not be visible at first glance.

Mirror Cabinet: Precious and Practical

The Mirror Cabinet is a practical wall unit with two functions: This one at head height The piece of furniture above the washbasin has door fronts covered with mirrors that enable shaving and make-up in the morning. At the same time there is enough space behind the mirror doors to store various utensils such as cosmetics, cotton swabs, perfumes, razors and much more. Mirror cabinets are available in many different versions: Starting with the simple model with two doors up to large, rectangular variants with several doors.

Closet: The Storage Wonder

The Closet is a relatively large closet suitable for spacious bathrooms , They come in different versions and are either placed on the floor or mounted to the bathroom wall. The difference to the wall cabinet lies in the mounting height and its size: wall cabinets are small and are mounted at head height. The wall cupboard, on the other hand, is almost as tall as a human being and is therefore mounted just above the floor.

Wall cabinet: simply hang up

The little brother of the cupboard, the wall unit, can be compared to the mirror cabinet. Both are mounted directly on the wall, but this model does without a mirror. The wall unit can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes, so that it can take advantage of the available space in each bathroom perfectly. Also here you can stow towels, toilet paper and toiletries. Its big advantage is that it does not take up any space on the bathroom floor - a good solution for small bathrooms.

Medicine Cabinet: Essential Medicines

Although most people store their medicines in the mirror cabinet, it makes sense to use the bathroom big enough to purchase a special medicine cabinet. This small cabinet usually has only one door. Inside, several compartments and shelves provide space for bandages, medicines and the like. Basically, this small cabinet fits into any bathroom - its small dimensions guarantee.

3 Practical Ideas for Storage and Order

Shelf over door: Above the bathroom door, you can attach a shelf on which, for example, you can store rolled bath towels.

  1. Bathroom cabinet in wall: If the bathroom is particularly small, you can use one or more
  2. Corner shelf inside the shower: Everything that can get wet can be stored on a small corner shelf inside the shower.
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