Organizing Moving - Tips for a Stress-Free Moving

Organizing Moving - Tips for a Stress-Free Moving

So that the move to The new apartment can be successfully brought to the stage, it is of enormous importance, in time to plan everything. Although the actual move day - ie the transport of the furniture from the old to the new home - ideally lasts only one day, there is a lot to do around the move. In order not to lose the overview, an exact organization is the alpha and omega. Find out in good time about the tasks that accompany a move. The following guide from offers you a good help with the relocation organization.

Preparing to move smartly - starting with the organization early

Just a few months before moving there are a few points that you should keep in mind so that you can

  1. Announce the old lease in good time and keep the notice period.
  2. If necessary, find a new tenant for the apartment.
  3. Apply for a forwarding order at the post office.
  4. If necessary, look for craftsmen who are renovating the old home.
  5. Set a move date and apply for a few days' leave from your employer.
  6. Make an appointment with the landlord for the home purchase.

The basement, the garage or the attic should be cleared out early if possible.

You may need a special parking permit for your moving day. This should also be requested a few months in advance.

Obtain all packing material and packing boxes in a timely manner.

Creating a checklist for the move

Basically, checklists help a lot in organizing the move and keeping track of things. First, you should find out which removals you will move with. Only then do you know how many moving boxes you need and what type of transport you are considering.

How many moving boxes do you need?

There are two rules of thumb for calculating the number of boxes needed. The first directive states that one carton per square meter is needed. The second, more accurate approach assumes that a person who has lived in a one-bedroom apartment for a year, with about 20 boxes. For each additional room, you will need to add 13 extra boxes, one extra box for each additional year, and five additional boxes for each additional person.

What type of transportation is appropriate?

Consider how many pieces of furniture you have Have to transport whole. They take up a lot of space, so a correspondingly large truck is required. If, on the other hand, you mainly have to transport moving boxes, a smaller van is enough.

How many relocation helpers are needed?

For a well-organized move, it is advisable to work in two teams. The one team is used in the old and the other in the new apartment. Basically, the more people are involved in the move, the faster the move day is brought on the stage. However, too many relocation helpers can stand in each other's way.

Take care of support in good time

Especially with large moves with many furniture and moving boxes, it is advisable to seek help from experienced helpers. Although professional moving companies cost money, they save a lot of work and time. Do not choose the first forwarding company, but compare the offers of several moving companies.

In addition, you should organize private relocation helpers in your friends, family and friends circle. Inform the helpers about the move date a few weeks in advance, so they can plan a day off.

Order bread rolls, coffee and cake for your relocation helpers to keep them happy and ready to do the work they need.

Now it's time to pack the carton

If you need to, you can start packing the boxes soon. In particular, things that are not needed on a daily basis can already be stowed away in boxes and, if possible, even transported to the new home. Be careful and plan well when packing the boxes and do it yourself.

Do not overload the boxes! The maximum fill weight should be adhered to in order to avoid accidents and damage to your belongings.

Write on the boxes what is inside and in which room they belong. You can also give them a serial number.

Organize transport

Hand trucks and skateboards help to transport your boxes and furniture quickly and safely. Such aids can be borrowed from friends or acquaintances or bought second-hand. Mostly, you can not avoid hiring a van or truck for the day you move, as your belongings are unlikely to fit in the trunk of a regular car. The cars can be booked with or without driver. The first is convenient if you do not have a person with a driver's license for vans and trucks in your circle of acquaintances.

Final preparations just before the moving day

Immediately before the move, the final preparations are in progress:

  • Pack clothes for a few days, keys, documents and medicines in a separate bag
  • Reconcile the relocation appointment with the helpers
  • Organize a baby and pet sitter for the move day if necessary
  • Report the telephone, electricity and heating for the new apartment
  • Disassemble the furniture and stow all the accessories safely
  • Thaw the freezer and the refrigerator
  • Get the food for the move

Not just the old, but also the new apartment must be prepared for the move. If necessary, you need a special parking permit. Hang the doors so you can transport bulky furniture without any problems. Cover the laminate or parquet floor to protect it from damage and dirt.

Keeping your organization moving smoothly on moving day

If you've taken the tips and advice that you've come to expect with your relocation planning, it's going to be smooth and stress-free expiry on the move nothing more in the way. Put your & bdquo; survival case & ldquo; set aside and assign the removal assistants accordingly. Empty the mailbox one last time and remove your name badges. If you can not return to the old apartment, the final cleaning is also available. Read off electricity, water and gas meters and then hand over the apartment transfer with the landlord or tenant. Insist on the preparation of a protocol. There are also the meter readings recorded. After handing over the keys, nothing is in the way of moving to the new home.

The vehicle should be loaded according to a specific pattern: the large pieces of furniture such as the couch, showcases, living room cupboard and bed are invited first. If they are at the very back, the risk of them falling over is extremely low. Stick drawers and doors carefully. Try to use the space in the vehicle as much as possible. Moving boxes should be loaded as much as possible in order to avoid chaos during later unloading.

Before the truck or truck finally sets off, it is advisable to discuss the trip with the helpers again. This is especially useful if the route is longer. Plan regular breaks and select resting places that you can discuss in advance with the helpers. Each car receives a navigation device or a timetable to avoid unnecessary risks when driving in a convoy.

Once you arrive at the new home, you should give the helpers time to look around. Maybe it makes sense to form a carrier chain if the new apartment is located on a higher floor. The furniture and the boxes should be brought directly to the designated place. Most relocation helpers are also happy to help with furniture construction.

Completion of Moving Day

When the moving day comes to an end, you should check that all furniture and boxes have arrived. Also, look at the apartment to find out if the transport of the furniture has damaged the parquet or the walls. Clean the apartment and the staircase and attach your name badges to the mailbox and the bell. Friendly relocation helpers are sure to invite you to a meal or to end the day with wine and beer.

After the move

As soon as the move is completed successfully, you have survived the worst. Now you only have to re-register your new residence at the Einwohnermelde- or Bürgerarmt. Have the vehicle registration and the vehicle letter changed and, if necessary, apply for a new license plate. If you have moved to a new community with a dog, it will also need to be reregistered.


A move is often associated with many worries because most people are afraid of the stress and have something important to worry about to forget. With a good and, above all, timely planning, it is possible to carry out the move day without annoying incidents and to arrive stress-free in the new home. Checklists are just as valuable a support as relocation helpers and, if necessary, a professional removal company.

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