Paint Youth Room - New Paint Must Be

Paint Youth Room - New Paint Must Be

Time flies by fast and it does not take long for your child to become a teenager. This change is clearly noticeable in the fact that your child no longer feels comfortable in the childishly designed nursery. Then it's time to redesign the room to the youth room. Especially when designing the wall, there is often a lot to do. If your child was still fascinated by fairy tales, castles, pirates or racing cars a few years ago, the childish wallpaper on the walls just feels embarrassing as a teen. Unfortunately, white walls seem boring and bare, so you should confess color , Before you begin to paint the youth room in new colors or to equip with new wallpaper, you should read the guide today attentively. We have some valuable tips and modern ideas for you that will help you in designing the walls in the youth room.

The most important thing in advance

When refurbishing the youth room, you should always coordinate with your child, after all, you do not want to You feel comfortable in this room. In principle, therefore, your child should have the opportunity to determine the wall color itself. However, it does not make sense to leave the teenager completely free. As a parent you should keep an eye on whether the design you're looking for is up for grabs next month as well, after all, you do not want to renovate in a few weeks.

Instead of decorating the wall with colorful or garish patterns, you can also apply to others Way of putting colored accents. This is possible, for example, with decorations such as cushions for the sofa, a colored lamp for the desk, an interesting rug or modern curtains for the windows. Such accessories can be exchanged quickly if the children are no longer satisfied with the design of the interior, without the need for a renovation.

Wall Decorations

In principle, there are various possibilities for the walls To make it more modern in the youth room, so that teenage boys and girls can feel right at home in their own room. Today, we would like to focus on the following four variants:

Solid color walls in a color of your choice

  1. Two-tone paint
  2. Decorative color patterns and stripes
  3. Modern wall tattoos
  4. Decide together with your child what option They both like it best.

The plain wall design

The monochrome design of the walls is a discreet way to bring color to the youth room. Whether the walls are painted orange, blue, red, green, pink or purple, you should let the teen decide for yourself. In general, you should prefer bright colors, so that black is rather not suitable.

Pastel colors and powdery tones are perfect if you want to create a calm and gentle atmosphere. Intense colors, on the other hand, enliven the room and bring passion into the room. Colorful living is generally preferred by young people. Shades of gray should be used sparingly, because they provide security and peace, but can also be boring when used alone. Combine gray, black and white in the youth room therefore always with other, bright colors. Also, make sure that your child's favorite color matches the existing furniture in the room.

Design the area around the bed and around the desk in subdued colors so that your child is not distracted from the environmental stimuli while learning or sleeping .

Monochromatic walls are more interesting when later additional wall decorations such as pictures or posters are hung up. Alternatively, you can paint one wall in a bright color while holding the other in more subtle, lighter shades for a great contrast.

Two-Tone Painting

If you prefer the two-tone wall design, you can also paint one and the same wall in two contrasting colors. How to create a great eye-catcher. Swipe the bottom of the wall in one color and the top in the other color. By masking with adhesive tape, you create a smooth transition. Alternatively, you can follow current housing trends and divide a wall diagonally into two colors. Here we recommend the combination of very high-contrast colors.

Color samples and stripes

Strips are also an interesting eye-catcher. Bring the youth room visually, by placing a strip in the middle of the wall in the entire room, which stands out with its bright color. You can paint such a strip with paint using two strips of adhesive tape or stick it directly to the wall as a wall tattoo. With self-adhesive tiles, you can also create great color patterns on the wall.

Modern wall tattoos and ornaments

Even wall tattoos are perfect if you want to furnish the youth room modern and stylish. The self-adhesive murals have the advantage that they can be removed without residue, without you having to renovate again. Alternatively, use stencil patterns and painting templates to conjure beautiful flowers, ornaments or quotes on the wall.

Tips and Tricks for Painting

Have you worked out a plan for the wall design and can you finally start? Then take the following tips into account when painting the walls:

You can paint over dark colors by applying several layers of dispersion

  • Alternatively, you can also apply a high-opaque, white paint before applying painting the wall in the desired color of your choice
  • The best thing to do is to pre-treat the walls with a primer before painting, so that all areas will evenly absorb the paint.
  • Existing wallpapers do not necessarily have to be removed as many wallpapers can be painted over
  • Texture or photo wallpaper can not be painted over and must therefore be removed beforehand.
  • Always agitate the paint well before painting, otherwise dark particles will settle down and the paint will be uneven
  • If you want to paint the walls twice, you should paint before the second coat let it dry thoroughly
  • We wish you and your child a lot of fun in the newly designed youth room!

Artikelbild: © Anna Marynenko / Shutterstock