Party Tent: How to Lay the Celebration in the Garden

Party Tent: How to Lay the Celebration in the Garden

When temperatures rise in the summer, most people spend most of their time outdoors. Property owners and tenants who live in a house have the freedom to spend part of their lives in their own garden. The green oasis is very welcome, after all, the best moments in the summer can be much better spent in the cool shade. If the neighbors and joy should also enjoy this relaxed life, then comes a party tent or pavilion just right. It offers ample space to accommodate guests at a summer party and protects all attendees from sun and rain.

Party Tent: Which designs are eligible?

Party tents are usually set up for a short period of time and for special occasions. For this reason, they should build and dismantle as quickly as possible . Most of these tents are fabric pavilions and folding tents. The former often stays in the garden all summer, as it is a welcome shade donor. But even a party tent can use more than just occasional homeowners: It can be equipped with lighting, so that the stay is possible until late into the night. And which type of tent is most suitable for which purpose?

  • Folding Tent : Folding tents are extremely practical for private use. Their construction usually consists of a safety gate made of aluminum or steel. The aluminum variants are particularly easy to transport thanks to their low weight, so that regular assembly and dismantling is not a problem. To set up you have to pull the tent apart at two corners. To protect against sun, wind and rain, folding tents are covered with a textile material or a tarpaulin.
  • Pagoda Tent : A functional and at the same time beautiful tent is the pagoda tent. This is also available in the Falt variant and is usually used for particularly important occasions, such as a wedding, but also open-air events. Pagoda buildings are found primarily in Asia, but also enjoy great popularity in this country. With their high, pointed roofs pagoda tents look elegant and light. This tent usually has a scaffolding made of aluminum profiles and steel connecting parts, as well as roof and side tarpaulins.

Tips for buying

When buying a tent you should pay attention to your own needs. If you want to set up and dismantle the party tent frequently, you will be well advised with a folding tent. This is already a few steps. Also important is the stability: even in summer, one or the other storm can sweep over the garden, the party tent should still stand still. Decisive for this is a stable basic construction as well as a solid material with which the tent is covered.

In terms of size, one's own needs also play a major role. Interested parties must consider how many guests they would like to accommodate on average in their party tent. Even at a party in a small circle, the tent size should be at least three times three meters. For larger events, the party tent should measure five by five meters and more.

Building a Party Tent

If you've planned a party, but the weather forecast is forecasting a rainstorm for the afternoon, that's no reason to cancel the party , The purchased party tent can keep all guests dry. But you have to set it up correctly and set it up. .

To set up, there should be at least two people at work and pay attention to the following:

  • Choose a flat surface that is at least as big as the party tent .
    • The pipes are usually marked and show where they belong.
    • Profiles for the corners are also marked.
  • Then insert the pipes into the corner profiles.
  • Now pull the roof over the main frame and fasten it to the pipes with straps.
  • Tensioning cables provide more stability: you
  • The party tent is ready - the party can begin!

Image: © Liz Van Steenburgh / Shutterstock