Gas Savings Opportunities

Each property has its own energy standard is defined today because of its transparent and comprehensible features. Finally, a point that can be of crucial importance, especially in sales, can then be deduced from conclusions about future consumption costs. For homeowners, there are ways and means to raise the overall energy standard through new installations and refurbishments - costs that sometimes pay for themselves after only a few years.

We will show you which areas in the house are and how

The Disadvantage of Old Buildings

Once you have looked around the rental housing market, the relatively high service charges are relatively quick to compare with the net cold rent. A key reason for this is that older buildings lose a lot of heat and built-in installations are far too low. Prior to renovations as owners, you can rely on professionals who use a thermal imager to analyze the house and its structure and immediately pinpoint where the weak points lie. This investment before the exact calculation of a renovation is also worthwhile for the reason that often thermal bridges arise. Thermal bridges are responsible for strong mold growth, which not only damages the health but also damages the structure of the house and leads to high renovation costs if proper measures are not taken.

First of all, it is therefore necessary to take a closer look at the condensing boiler. Old models are veritable energy hoggers, however, they can be relatively easy to retrofit or install new equipment. This often results in a saving in the range of 20 to 40 percent of the energy costs, which can be increased even further by choosing the right gas tariff - the ideal gas provider can easily be found on the net. Modern and as new equipment are designed so that the resulting waste heat is also used - so that no more chimney over the chimney is needed, which also benefits the environment. Contact the installation company and receive information and details on the effect of the current condensing boiler, in order to then explore the options. Sometimes, due to the structure of the house, it may make sense to use other means such as geothermal or solar energy, which under certain circumstances, government subsidized.

The insulation

As mentioned previously, can be insufficient heat in old buildings, whereby the devices work on maximum load and consume correspondingly much. Another approach would therefore be to take a closer look at the insulation and in particular the structure. The thermal bridges are formed, and in addition, when cold and warm air meet, there is a certain amount of condensation. It deposits in the masonry because it can hardly or only insufficiently escape, so that ideal conditions for mold are achieved. Renovations are particularly useful in the area of ​​the façade, the roof and in basements and are also promoted accordingly.

Regular reviews

Further potential results from regular checks by the qualified persons. So especially the memory should be checked at regular intervals, because not infrequently hot water is stored and not just fed to the heating system. First signs are given when the boiler room is warmed up accordingly, which is an indication of bad memory. The reason for this is either poorly insulated lines or the system works so inefficiently that an exchange is urgently advisable.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have the heater maintained once a year in accordance with legal requirements. Here, for example, the chimney sweep can give you information on how further optimizations are expected and with which effort this is connected. As with any other technical device, heaters are also subject to wear and tear, which has a very high impact on efficiency, which is reduced and can lead to double-digit cost increases.

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