Prior consultation with energetic refurbishments indispensable

The legal regulations and regulations with regard to energetic renovations are strict, the legislator pursues a clear principle of individual responsibility, but promotes the whole thing in particular by the state-owned promotional bank KfW Bankengruppe. For reasons of plausibility, it is therefore advisable to rely on the advice of professional service providers as part of an energetic refurbishment - they can produce holistic analyzes and are often also a prerequisite for the granting of a promotional loan. Exactly the many years of experience in dealing with this topic also helps to find out authentic parameters in terms of cost savings and added value, in order to assess the benefits and effects of the measure.

The term & quot; energy consultant & quot; From a layman's point of view, this is not clear why we will explain to you in this article all the necessary background information that can massively accelerate the process of energetic refurbishment and also take the financial risk.

Step by step

Many homeowners are frightening Initially, the investments are back, because a holistic renovation regularly requires a five- or even six-figure amount. The topic can be tackled in such a way that individual measures build on each other and the gradual implementation helps to be able to bear the financial burden at all. Also, some measures complement each other in the form that a stringent procedure is necessary, especially for old buildings in need of renovation. Ultimately, energy advice also helps to identify the most effective measures in terms of your own financial resources, so it always starts with your individual needs.

So-called energy efficiency experts, commonly referred to as energy consultants, are therefore the first point of contact for energy-efficient renovations. Almost every grant program makes the grant conditional on an approved energy consultant taking action. Those entitled to issue Energy Performance Certificates in accordance with § 21 of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) are generally accepted here.

The different fields of activity

The manner in which an expert works for you Ultimately, you yourself. In extreme cases, the commission saves a four-digit amount of bad investments, which can easily result from improper execution or incorrect sizing in a classic single-family dwelling with 160 square meters of living space.

  • In the first step, the actual state is raised As part of the stocktaking, the focus is particularly on the external envelope of the building, including roof areas and central points such as windows and doors, as well as the efficiency of the heating system. The subsequent energy requirement is then also measured by the factors that are defined for the structure of the building and the type of construction.
  • The second step deals with concrete measures to increase energy efficiency, in which neuralgic points become particularly clear. Above all else, it is important that economic efficiency is always considered. Not every measure pays off financially, with the majority promising amortization within a few years. Here, the funding lines come into play, and they can sometimes make such measures profitable or cost-effective due to the subsidy.
  • Once all the details have been clarified and a roadmap has been agreed upon, suitable trades are advertised. Especially with more complex, that is costly measures, a substantive examination by the energy consultant is recommended. Even in the unlikely event of a bad planning, you can rest assured that you will be able to claim professional liability for serious infringements.
  • In the fourth and final step, the focus is on active construction supervision, where the energy consultant effectively acts as the supervisor of the respective trades and can quickly identify deficits and, if necessary, take countermeasures. This step is also important because the subsequent briefing on how and when to heat and ventilate this person is made.

Regarding the financing of energy advice, it should be noted that BAFA is supported by the & quot; on-site consultation & quot; rewarded with subsidies, who commissions stocktaking and recommendation for appropriate measures - the application can usually be made by just those experts. Specialist planning and construction supervision, on the other hand, are eligible as part of state-run programs up to certain maximum sums.

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