Recycle bin: How to get organized in the study

Recycle bin: How to get organized in the study

More and more people work from home. The reason : Many professions no longer necessarily require a presence in the office. Thanks to the intranet and fast connection to the network, most of the work can be done from home. However, if it looks as chaotic in the office as it does in the office, productivity often suffers.

The PC hangs, the Trash is over, an important customer calls and requests an important document, but where was the same? Chaos in the home office is the biggest enemy of productivity. Not infrequently it looks as bad in this room as in an office. Files and other papers, stacked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, occupy much of the desk. The monitor of the computer is overflowing with many sticky notes. Of course, many people repeatedly claim that they have everything under control: ordered chaos to say so. For most people, on the other hand, it is nothing more than a disability in their daily work. Therefore, we have prepared the following 6 tips for you, how to bring order to the study .

6 Tips for clearing out the study

  1. Floor : Rooms are particularly chaotic when things are on the floor lying around or standing. Every clean-up begins right here, the goal is to get rid of carpet or parquet completely, exceptions excluded. Even if the sofa, tables or chairs are temporarily overcrowded, the floor must always be free to move quickly and safely to other places in the room. By the way, : Tidying up should be seen as a way to check if some things can not go straight to the bin.
  2. Desk : Some people are messy from the ground up, and you can often see that on their desks. After buying a desk, they must first and foremost overcome their own messiness. Clean up the desk and only deposit what is really needed, such as a notebook, the iPad and a pen. Documents, folders, contracts, and other items go into a filing cabinet or filing cabinet.
  3. Recycle bin : Patiently he picks up everything you put into him - the bin is a loyal friend of the homeworker. Even in times ruled by iPad & Co., many people still work with paper. Litter bins swallow paid bills, cardboard boxes of pizza from lunch break and envelopes that are no longer needed. So wastebaskets finally bring order to chaos. However, many are unaware of the importance of the trash, so here are some tips:
    • The trash can do its job unnoticed, but make sure it's emptied regularly.
    • It's critical where the trash is. Usually he lands inconspicuously under the table, this place is not always ideal, papers are quickly thrown away.
    • A wastebasket is more than just a garbage chute, it can be a real eye-catcher. Extravagant wastebaskets are perfect for spicing up the boring workroom or setting accents.
  4. Collecting Tricks : Again and again you get the idea that some things are absolutely necessary: ​​you might want to read a newspaper again in a week, the broken pens was a gift from grandma. Let's face it, nobody needs these things. Who can recognize this, makes order in the office in no time. Throw unnecessary trash into the trash.
  5. Time : All the old magazines and newspapers not only take their place, but reduce the time budget . If you read a magazine one centimeter thick, you need about three hours to do it. If you throw away a one-meter-high stack, you can invest 300 hours in your work!
  6. Filing system : Even those who bring order to their study can not sustain it in the long term. The solution: a good filing system. The more filing possibilities can be found in the office, the less disorder accumulates.

How one ultimately creates space and keeps order in the study depends on one's own motivation and creativity. The above tips are just a few examples, important is a regular goal, for example, every Saturday to clear out and feed the wastebasket. Then you can concentrate on your work with full concentration.

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