Removing Wallpaper - These Tricks are Easy

Removing Wallpaper - These Tricks are Easy

Replacing old wallpaper is a very laborious job. Especially in old apartments you will always find wallpapers that have been in place for decades and are anything but beautiful. However, the taste changes with the passage of time and therefore the old wallpaper must be removed and new ones attached. But replacing wallpaper is rarely as easy as one would wish.

Because even if the wallpapers almost automatically come off in some places, that does not mean that they simply and easily pull themselves off the wall to let. Mostly it is an arduous, power and patience-tearing act, when you have to tear off piece by piece and the sense of achievement is long time in coming, because you do not even notice the actual progress from the sheer wallpaper.

Especially if If an apartment or a house is being refurbished, it is often refurbished from scratch. Before the move countless small things must be done, which are very time consuming. To deal here for days with peeling wallpaper is like a nightmare. But only a few would like to resort to the external service provider. That's why there are some very simple tips on how to get rid of the wallpaper, even if they have stuck in part for years.

It depends mainly on the nature of the substrate and the amount of wallpaper paste, how easy the wallpaper

  • Nail Roller
  • Spatula
  • Wallpaper Remover
  • Detergent
  • Spray Bottle
  • Brush
  • Sand Paper
  • Steam Cleaner

Removing wallpaper - what materials are required?

Before starting work, you need to get some little things to help you peel off the wallpaper later ... It's usually very difficult to just pull off stuck wallpaper by hand , something is needed to roughen them up and make holes, so that they can be softened then easier. It makes sense to use a nail roller or a nail roller , which are usually available in every hardware store. Otherwise, it is also possible to use sandpaper for this purpose. For this a very coarse grain is used. In addition, a putty

is needed to replace the individual parts of the wallpaper. Hardware stores also offer Wallpaper remover . This can be easily applied to the wall, so that the wallpaper, which was previously roughened, can be solved better. However, a bucket of water and a small amount of detergent also serves this purpose. The detergent is important so that the water can penetrate better in the wallpaper. To apply this mixture, it is advisable to use a old spray bottle
, which is left over, for example, by a window cleaner.

Furthermore, a large paintbrush can be helpful in spreading the solvent over a large area.

With these materials, nothing stands in the way of starting to work on the old wallpaper.

Replacing the Old Wallpapers First of all, the wallpaper is easier to peel off if the water or the wallpaper remover is a longer reaction times have

. However, the level of difficulty of the work not only depends on it, but also on some other factors. So there is never a guarantee that the old wallpaper can be peeled off without any further difficulties.

In the first step, the wallpaper is processed with the nail roller. This is done over the entire area to be loosened. Likewise, the above-mentioned sandpaper can be used for this. However, it is advisable not to scratch the wallpaper with the spatula, as the wall plaster could be damaged.

In the next step, the wallpaper remover is sprayed onto the wall and painted. It can be very generous. So it does not have to be saved. Then the solution has to act. It is advisable to soak everything well, in order to achieve an optimal effect. The best exposure time can be found on the leaflet of the purchased product. In the case of self-mixed solutions, every now and then you have to try out how well the solvent has already absorbed.

If everything is soaked well, you can finally start replacing the old wallpaper. In the best case, the individual webs can even be deducted in one piece. If there are still residues left on the wall, the individual steps can be repeated once more. In this case, the spatula can also help by carefully driving it under a loose piece of wallpaper and pulling it on the wallpaper at the same time. For large-area removal of wallpapers, the wallpaper remover

or the self-made wallcovering can be used Mixture also used a steam pressure cleaner for large-scale softening of the wallpaper. However, the purchase of such a device is associated with some costs.