Renovating Your Bathroom: Tips for Home Improvement

Renovating Your Bathroom: Tips for Home Improvement

Every room needs attention sooner or later. Even the bathroom could use a new look over the years. In comparison to other rooms do-it-yourselfers have to invest a lot of hand here. Because just painting the walls is not possible, the best way is the entire bathroom renovated. Tips for Renovating the bathroom will follow.

Bad was yesterday: Well-being oasis is now

Consumer researchers found out with a survey that the German bath averages 7.8 square meters and 40 minutes daily is in use. One reason for the short stay is the lack of options for relaxation. For most people, the bathroom is a 'means to an end': In the morning, business is done, showered, teeth brushed, women put on make-up, men shave - and then they leave the bathroom. Over the years, however, the claims to the bathroom have changed. Consumers also want to feel at home here.

The modern bathroom is a feel-good bath in 2013. This means that in addition to the hygienic functions, it also has to meet modern demands in terms of well-being and comfort. When refurbishing, consumers need to pay attention to the following:

  • The green tiles of 30 years ago are hardly in demand today.
  • What about freedom of movement?
  • Anyone who renovates their bathroom today should make it accessible
  • A large bathroom has a shower and bath in common.
  • Steam shower, whirlpool and other spa facilities add to the comfort.

Why partial renovations make sense

For a timely update is not always complete redevelopment necessary. Interested parties must consider what their priorities are. Are you concerned with the old-fashioned look? Then the renewal of the tiles is enough. If you lay tiles yourself, you can save a lot of money because it is a very time-consuming job. If the old tiles are well preserved, they can also be painted over with special paint.

For the exchange of sanitary objects and fittings, the budget must already be more generous - depending on whether interested in the basic version or luxury variant decide several hundred to Thousand euros. If you can not afford expensive marble, you should not at least save on the quality - nobody wants to renovate the bathroom again in a few years.

Tip : When buying the faucets, you should look for functions such as

3 tips for bathroom repair

When renovating, not all things need to be bought new, in some situations, the repair also helps at least temporarily. The following tips help with the repair:

  1. Silicone joints : Silicone joints are attacked by mold over the years. The resulting stains can hardly be removed. Do-it-yourselfers need to replace the silicone by cutting it out with a sharp knife. Then clean the joints and tap the surrounding tiles with adhesive tape. Finally, you can fill the empty joints with sanitary silicone and rework with a joint smoother.
  2. Dripping tap : Porous or calcified seals are usually the problem with dripping taps. In this case, the do-it-yourselfer must replace the gasket, but do not forget to turn off the water beforehand.
  3. Scratched bathtub : Damage to enameled bathtubs can rust, making repairs inevitable. For acrylic baths, however, discoloration. At the hardware store, repair kits consisting of putty and accessories are available. Depending on the material of the bathtub, there is a suitable repair kit.

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