Renovation: Towards the New Kitchen

Renovation: Towards the New Kitchen

In today's society, we cook less and less. The profession occupies much of our time and we usually eat on the go. At least, if you're home after a hard day at work, you'll want to be able to easily prepare a delicious meal. Unfortunately, most kitchens are designed to hamper the cook's work. Either the paths between cabinets are inconvenient, the working height is too high or too low and there are many dangers for children in this room. It's time to renovate the kitchen. However, those who are interested first have to plan their new kitchen, so get to work!

Planning is everything.

Anyone who deals with the purchase of a kitchen today will see how large and varied the offer is. A good result can not be implemented overnight. If you want to plan your own kitchen and do without the advice of a kitchen specialist, you should take your time. On the one hand, investing in a kitchen is very costly, on the other hand, it is an investment for many years. It is therefore understandable that nothing should go wrong in the planning. While Germans often buy their kitchens in the furniture business, the trend is slowly but surely to higher quality models, which cost more, but also for a longer time to serve. Kitchen furniture can quite a lifetime of 25 years and own more.

The room limits the possibilities

The kitchen is today more than just a place for cooking: it is a meeting place, workshop, lounge and party room. More and more people are using steamer or steamer, making long cooking a thing of the past. Accordingly, the room must meet all requirements. Today's kitchen work is largely so:

  • 70 percent prepare
  • 30 percent cook

Especially in old buildings, there is often the problem that the kitchen seems too small at first glance. Basically but applies : The room limits the possibilities, but each room can also be optimally used as a kitchen, provided it was planned correctly. Therefore, it is advisable to measure the room first. Proceed as follows:

Measure the room four times with a measuring device (scale, laser measuring device, yardstick) as well as pen and paper. Often, the walls are not 90 ° to each other or they are unevenly plastered. A single measurement can deliver inaccurate results. This problem is currently found in old buildings and renovated apartments.

The four measurements are divided as follows :

  1. Place a tape measure or yardstick on the ground directly against the wall
  2. The Meter Make one meter higher
  3. Measure at a height of about 60 cm in front of the wall
  4. Measure on the ground and 60 cm in front of the wall

If you do not get the same dimensions every time you have to use the later Floor plan work with the smallest details. For the worktop, however, accurate dimensions must be used. This is at working height and here there may be differences to the dimensions on the ground. Enter all the data on a piece of paper and create the floor plan as follows:

Select the kitchen layout

L, U or row? There are many different types of kitchen to choose from, depending on two factors:

  1. basic shapes that occur in rooms such as walls, doors, windows and pillars.
  2. As well as from Work triangle : One of the most common tasks in the kitchen is preparing food, washing dishes and storing fruit, vegetables and the like. The triangle thus determines the refrigerator, stove and sink.

The paths between the peaks of the triangle should not be obstructed or too close to each other. Optimal distances are between 1 and 1.5 m between sink and stove and 1 to 2 m between refrigerator and sink and stove and refrigerator.

Before kitchen planners can choose the floor plan, they must answer the following three questions:

  1. Work or eat-in kitchen? Should the kitchen be used exclusively for cooking Meals are used or is there eaten? Depending on your choice, you must make optimum use of the space available. Flexible solutions using folding tables are also possible.
  2. Path : Do the packed shopping bags land directly in the pantry from the front door?
  3. Appliances : Do you cook for yourself, the whole family or other guests?

Let's now turn to the kitchen layouts, the most common types include:

  • Single-Line Kitchen : In this simple and compact design, all kitchen furniture and appliances are placed on a long row on the wall. An application of the working triangle is of course not possible here. This floor plan is only suitable for very small or small kitchens so as not to unnecessarily limit the space.
  • Two-Line Kitchen : Alternatively, kitchen planners using the two-line kitchen can use two walls to install their furniture and appliances. This creates two large work surfaces, making work easier. It is important to choose this floor plan only if there is sufficient space between the two kitchen units. The gap should be at least one meter to easily reach base cabinets and drawers.
  • L-shaped kitchen : This kitchen variant, also called angled kitchen, uses two adjoining walls or only one wall. In the latter case, the rectangular kitchen unit separates the room from the dining area or living room. This corner arrangement creates the previously mentioned working triangle with short paths between the individual appliances and furniture.
  • U-shape kitchen : The U-shape is only suitable for very large rooms. A total of three walls are occupied with stove, oven, Spülarmatur and other appliances and kitchen furniture. Again, planners should make sure that there is enough space, at least one meter, between the kitchen units. If extra space is available, you can place a table in the middle of the room - then the U-kitchen becomes a kitchen.
  • Peninsula Kitchen : The G-shape kitchen is a variant of the U- or L-shape -Kitchen. Both forms are complemented by another piece of furniture. It can be a table or sink and acts as a practical room divider.
  • Kitchen Island : The final floor plan is the perfect choice for new homes that follow the modern trend of home kitchens. The living room and the kitchen are in this case one and the same room. Cabinets, shelves and the washing-up area are arranged on a wall. In the middle of the room is a large kitchen block containing a worktop and the stove.

Determining the working height

Once the floor plan has been determined, the furniture can still not be ordered. First, kitchen planners must determine the working height. This plays a very important role, as well as in offices and other workplaces. You have to optimize the kitchen to your body dimensions, otherwise the cooking becomes awkward and no fun. The result of too low work surfaces are back pain and bad mood. It needs to be clarified who in the house of & ldquo; main cook & ldquo; is. Cook several people, find a compromise.

The head cook should stand upright in his slippers and bend his arms about 90 degrees, as if holding a pot in front of him. Now measure from the floor up and leave 15 cm free to the elbows. This is the optimal working height for worktops . For stove the value is about 5 cm lower and for the sink 5 cm higher.

Now the planning is finished and you can order the desired kitchen considering all measurements and plans.

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