Replacing a ceramic hob -

Ceramic hobs are an indispensable part of modern kitchens. In addition to the stylish appearance, they have a lot of advantages over other hotplates. The most important of these is undoubtedly that ceramic fields are energy-saving. They heat up faster and consume on average 20% less energy than conventional hotplates.

If a ceramic hob is defective or has cracks, it must be replaced. Of course you can get yourself a specialist for this, but clever home improvement can also perform the replacement of a ceramic hob yourself very well.

In the ceramic fields, we distinguish between combi-appliances and stand-alone ceramic fields, and these two require different approaches.

Standalone ceramic hobs and combi appliances

The so-called stand-alone ceramic hobs or self-sufficient ceramic hobs have their own control and can be connected independently of the built-in cooker. Combi devices or non-self-sufficient ceramic hobs, on the other hand, are connected to the oven.

Standalone appliance

In this variant, the connection of the ceramic hob is usually found directly on the cooker box. For a stand-alone appliance, the ceramic hob can be replaced directly.

Combi appliance

If the combi appliance is equipped, the oven and the ceramic hob are individual parts, but the field is not connected to the herd box.

Here, the connection is often on

In a ledge below the worktop are the ventilation holes for cooling the ceramic hob. This strip must be removed so that you come to the connection that connects the ceramic hob to the oven.

When does the ceramic hob need to be replaced?

It sometimes happens that ceramic hobs get cracks in the surface. Also technical defects are a possibility. In these cases, the ceramic hob must be replaced. If you are a handy handyman, you can do it yourself with the following instructions and can dispense with expensive help from a specialist.

Before you begin to replace the ceramic hob, clarify which model is eligible for replacement and if this is compatible with your stove.

The simplest solution is, of course, if the replacement model is identical to the old ceramic hob. In this case, the dimensions are in any case the same. But also another model can possibly fit.

Not only the dimensions, but also the connections must fit!

Now the old and the replacement can be started with a new ceramic hob.

What do you need to replace a ceramic hob? ?

This is the list of required materials for removing and reinstalling a ceramic hob:

  • Adhesive Tape
  • Mounting Material
  • Silicone for Sealing
  • Schuko Box
  • New Ceran Box

And this is the list of tools needed for removal and replacement:

  • Cutter
  • thin knife
  • Phase tester or multimeter
  • Screwdrivers of various sizes
  • Spirit level (for connecting the new field)

How to replace a ceramic hob - step by step

Step 1 - Turn off the fuses

It is important that you first turn off all the fuses in the oven.

Turn off the main fuse. So you can be sure that no power failure can happen.

You can use the phase tester or multimeter to check whether the stove actually runs out of power.

Step 2 - Disconnect the defective ceramic hob

First loosen the screws that connect the hob to the oven. Eventually, the oven is also attached to the floor. Then you can remove the oven from the installation box and disconnect the plugs that connect the oven to the ceramic hob.

Some ceramic hobs are attached to the worktop with clamps, while others simply rest.

Typically, there is a mounting bracket in each corner of the ceramic hob. Now loosen these four clamps.

Sometimes the ceramic hob is additionally sealed with silicone from above. In this case, it is possible that it comes to bonds, which can cause the field is not easily peel off. This is where the thin knife listed in the tool list helps.

When that's done, you can push the ceramic hob up. Now you have enough space to pinch the connection to the stove.

Step 3 - Insert the new ceramic hob

Once the broken or cracked ceramic hob has been completely removed, you can start installing the new one. The new model should ideally be identical, in any case, design and dimensions must be the same as the old model. After installation, reconnect all plugs and then switch on the fuses again. Then do the test: turn on the stove, preferably all plates at once. In this way, you can directly detect a possible malfunction. If all the hotplates are working, you'll need to rebuild the oven as a last step.

If you've done everything right, your cooker will need to work again and the ceramic hob is over.


Fast All modern kitchens are equipped with ceramic hobs. They are attractive and practical as they work very energy efficient. Some ceramic fields are self-sufficient, so-called standalone fields, others are connected to the oven. If a ceramic tile cracks or breaks, it must be replaced. A skilled craftsman can do it without any problems.

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