Riester pension: How to calculate your contribution

The Riester pension is the basis of private retirement provision for employees. Above all, the state subsidies play a role: if the state saves, it is incentive enough for many to conclude such a contract.

However, millions of subsidies are not used each year because they did not make the necessary contribution , That's why you should check your contract regularly and adapt if necessary.

Life does not pass Riesterrente

The Riester pension is always calculated according to income. A salary adjustment or additional benefits from the employer can make sure that the original calculation is no longer correct.

Therefore, you should at least once a year to check the contract to see if you really paid the required sum and thus at the same time entitled to the full

How much do I have to give to get it?

In general, the Riester contribution is calculated as 4% of the gross annual income. In addition to regular salaries, this also includes holiday or Christmas bonuses. Remunerative benefits such as a company car, which is indirectly attributed to taxable income, are all too often forgotten.

Therefore, the review of the Riester contract is usually worthwhile after filing the tax return, because you can directly compare the numbers and thus a solid

The child benefit claim or why dad is not entitled

4% of the gross CV income is not yet the contribution that must be paid. Because of it, the state subsidies are still deducted. These can be a one-off premium for Riester savers under the age of 25 (200 euros), the basic supplement (154 euros) and / or the child supplement (until 2007 185 euros, from 2007 300 euros).

However, the child allowance can only be applied for which also receives the child benefit, which is why some contracts do not get the full promotion.

Only then you have the amount of payment, which you have to provide yourself, calculated: This can then be either as a one-time payment or ratratlich over 12 months.

Calculation example: How to calculate the Riester contribution

Mother (Income: 24,000 Euro + holiday pay (1/2 salary) + Christmas bonus (300 Euro)) + 2 children (1999> /2010)

For the mother there is an income of 24,000 euros. There are also special benefits from the employer. Half of the holiday pay allowance equals 1,000 euros, so the income rises to 25,000 euros. There are also 300 euros Christmas bonus. This results in an income of 25,300 euros.

24,000 € Salary

+ 1,000 € holiday pay

+ 300 € Christmas bonus

= 25,300 euros Gross income

The family must provide 4% of it to the full To receive funding for this contract. Thus, 1012 Euro / year of capital for the Riester contract are to be provided.

25,300 Euro x 4% = 1,012 Euro

The subsidies are deducted from this: The family is entitled to the basic supplement for the mother and the child allowance for the two children. This reduces the payment amount as follows:

1,012 Euro

- 154 Euro

- 185 Euro

- 300 Euro

= 373 Euro

This amount can now be used as a one-time payment or in 12 Monthly rates of 31.08 euros each. If this own contribution is not provided, the state subsidy is reduced pro rata.

Help I paid too little: What you can do

If you did not pay enough, you can make a one-off payment in the first six months of the following year Complete the sum. This is an exemption and should not become the rule. However, it helps to offset salary increases and special payments later.

In addition, you can once again make a one-time payment in the current year. This consideration is worthwhile, for example, with money gifts for Christmas or for a birthday, to make sure that there is a claim to support in every case.

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