Roller shutter timer - this is how you control your shutters automatically

Roller shutter timer - this is how you control your shutters automatically

You would like your shutters automatically with a timer steer and be awakened by the light of the sun? Your shutters should open and close automatically during your absence, leaving the impression that you are at home? There are many reasons that speak for a roller shutter timer. However, depending on which shutter system you have installed in your living space, it is not always necessary to use a timer.

It is important to check if you can ever retrofit a roller shutter timer. This is not the case with all roller shutter systems.

To control the opening and closing of the shutters with such a clock, your roller shutter system must be combined with a timer. If your roller shutters can be operated with a belt winder, a timer will not make sense for you, for example. Because a Gurtwickler requires pure muscle power to open your shutters. Electric wraps are an alternative if you do not want to open your shutters with mere muscle power. However, even then you do not need a separate shutter timer. After all, most electric belt winders already have a sun or twilight module or their own time switch.

In order to use a roller shutter timer to fully open and close your shutters at the desired time, a suitable motor must be available. You may therefore need to install a roller blind motor before you can retrofit a shutter-type timer.

What a very good shutter-type timer?

Different manufacturers offer different functions when you buy a timer for your roller shutters. However, there are a few basic functions that a timer should cover. These features are mostly:

  • Daily program
  • Weekly program
  • Possibility to switch off the automatic function
  • Random generator

With the daily and weekly program you can regulate when your roller shutters are on which day / in which week should open and close. For example, you can schedule your timer so that your shutters always open at 7:30 am when you get up in the morning. On the other hand, the random number generator is not helpful in everyday life, but especially during your absence.

If you activate the random function, your shutters automatically open and close at different times of day and night. This should give the impression that the house is inhabited and thus serve as burglary protection. Your timer will re-randomize the opening and closing times of your shutters every day as long as the random generator is on. In addition to the basic functions already mentioned, each timer should also be able to deactivate the automatic control. Finally, there will be days when you do not want your shutters to open automatically, but simply by pressing a button.

To make these settings easy, most timers have an (LCD) display. This display allows you to program your roller shutter timer using different button pressures. Usually only a few buttons are enough to program the timer. However, the operation features of the different time switches for your roller shutter system differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Roller shutter timers with useful features

If you are not satisfied with a simple shutter timer with the basic functions mentioned, you can opt for a model with a sun and twilight sensor decide. The installation of such a timer is somewhat more complicated compared to a regular timer. However, the big advantage is that your timer will not only follow your time. Rather, the current brightness when opening and closing the shutters is taken into account.

In the event of excessive sunlight, this function will automatically move your roller shutters to the programmed sun position. As soon as it gets dark, your shutters close automatically if you wish. With the help of such a shutter timer your roller shutter control adapts accordingly to the current brightness conditions. For even more comfort and safety, the following additional functions also provide your timer:

  • Freeze protection
  • Radio control
  • Blockage detection
  • Several program slots
  • Power reserve of several weeks
  • Group control of several roller shutters
  • Key lock / Child safety device

How does the installation of a roller shutter timer work?

The installation of a roller shutter timer can be compared with the installation of a switch. If you want to use a built-in timer for your blinds, this can be installed in any regular flush-mounted box. The existing toggle switch can easily be replaced by a roller shutter timer. However, there may be problems with old buildings. In this case, retrofitting such a timer is much more difficult. Therefore, it may be wise to rely on a knowledgeable electrician.

There is an important difference in connecting a switch and connecting a timer. If you want to connect a shutter timer, it is important to lay the neutral wire.


If you want to automatically control your roller shutters in the future, you can install a flush-mounted roller shutter timer just as easily as a flush-mounted toggle switch. When buying the appropriate timer, it is important not only to ensure compatibility with your roller shutter motor. Rather, various manufacturers offer a number of additional functions for their timers.

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