Rust Prevention: How To Get The Most Out Of The Enemy Of All Metals

Rust Prevention: How To Get The Most Out Of The Enemy Of All Metals

Metal is used very often outdoors. However, all metal parts have a declared enemy: the rust. Especially after the winter, it is important to check all metal parts outdoors and remove any rust.

Small rust nests can often be easily repaired

Small and individual rust nests can usually be sanded down with coarse sandpaper until the bare metal is visible. Afterwards, use a finer emery paper to make a transition to the still-well-adhering paint in the environment. Now treat the sanded areas several times with a metal primer and roughen the old paint. Then the rebuild can begin.

If the old paint is already badly damaged and has extensive rust damage, the entire metal part should be sanded by machine. So the painting can be completely renewed.

Commercially available rust removers - experts advise against

from a commercial one.

You can also bring transportable metal parts such as a garden gate to a sandblast expert if you do not want to do the tedious sanding yourself Rust removers, which acts with the help of phosphoric acid, advise experts, however, rather from. Such products are usually effective only on very thin and even layers of rust and replace the mechanical rust removal. A perfect result is only possible if there is a certain mixing ratio between rust and acid. Often either acid or rust remains behind. However, this is not an appropriate basis for repainting, so you usually still need to rework the site.

Cola as Home Remedy

In contrast, Coke can actually be used as a rust remover. Superficial rust can be solved by the phosphoric acid contained in the beverage. The phosphate also forms, together with the iron ions, a layer of iron phosphate. This does not look nice, but protects the metal from rusting. In addition, small metal parts such as screws can be completely de-rusted by a cola bath overnight. Only if the damage has penetrated deep into the metal, Cola pushes as a rust remover to the limits.

Machine rust removal with the angle grinder

If rust must be removed by machine, a rotary tool with sanding attachment as well as a suitable hand angle grinder. The corners, edges and turns can be treated with sand paper or an electric grinder.

In this work suitable protective clothing is indispensable. It protects against flying dirt particles. Especially a surgical mask is important because the fine dust created during sanding puts a heavy strain on your lungs - even if the old paint still contains pollutants.

You should also wear strong work gloves.

After sanding repaint

After sanding Grinding follows the repainting. Proceed as follows:

  1. Metal primer for primary rust protection in two or three coats
  2. Primer coat primer
  3. Application of first coats

When the first coat has dried through, it becomes sanded to paint again.

The paint can also be applied with an electric paint gun instead of a brush.

Paint powder, which is electrostatically charged, is fired at its optimum thickness from all sides , In this way, the paint particles are more attracted to the metal than to non-metallic objects in the environment.


Rust is the enemy of all metals. While smaller rust nests and superficial rust can usually be removed comparatively easily, sanding with the machine is necessary in the case of stubborn rust. After that the metal has to be repainted.

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