Gable roof on the carport - Combined components with practical advantages

Carports are simple protection options for the car. In addition to the protection, they also offer a permanent, solid storage space with a suitable substrate. In contrast to garages, they are open at the side and therefore much cheaper. The pitched roof is also one of the simplest roof shapes that can be transferred to all roofs. Therefore, the saddle roof is also very well suited for carports.

The advantages of a saddle-roof carport and how it can best be implemented are shown in the following text.

Advantages of a Carport

A carport provides one Practical way to protect your car from the weather. Old and new cars can benefit from a well designed carport. Hail protection is important in all cars, which is more of a rarity. The protection from rain and snow is needed much more often. So no snow accumulates on the car roof, which can prevent dangers in winter. In addition, old cars benefit from the moisture protection, since the rusting is thus prevented. New and old cars also benefit from being protected from the rain, which eliminates the need for car washes. If there are surrounding trees, the protection against falling branches and fruits is given.

In addition to the advantages for the cars, there are other practical advantages in other areas. The carport is relatively cheap compared to conventional garages and can be built quickly and easily in retrospect as a supplement. Carports, which are built on a floor area of ​​less than 50m², can be built without any process (without a building permit). In addition, carports can be combined with penetrable floors, which makes the floor less sealed and thus protected.

In addition to the practical advantages, there are also some visual advantages to consider. These are in the free design of the carports. They not only take less visible space than other alternatives, but can also be easily adapted visually to the house. This applies in particular to saddle roofs.

Further advantages may result from the materials used. This again refers to the optics and practical aspects. Typical materials here are wood and aluminum, as well as combinations of these.

Common roof shapes in carports

There are some classic roof shapes that are common in carports. It is always important to drain the water in a targeted manner. Flat roofs are therefore usually installed slightly inclined and allow the water to drain on the back. Other possibilities exist especially in rounded roofs. These are usually in the middle of the highest and run to the outer long sides a bit sloping. In this case, only a slight rounding in the roof is necessary, compared to straight roof halves.

This is the case with pitched roofs, which also occur frequently. They have a gable in the middle. In carports saddle roofs are usually relatively flat, as the space below the roof slopes is not used. Primary purpose is the drainage of the water and the protection from rain, but pitched roofs also allow good design options. These relate specifically to the use of roof tiles. The different bricks differ in shape and color and can thus be adapted to the surrounding roof tiles of the house.

The design of the roof tiles can not only be combined with the actual house. If there is a garden shed, this can also be covered with roof tiles, which can give a nice overall picture.

Preparing to Build a Carport with a Saddle Roof

Before the carport can be built, extensive planning is important. This includes especially the creation of a sketch, which represents the later carport. For this, the desired position must first be measured. Of course, the dimensions of the vehicle are also important. Care should always be taken to leave enough space for the driver and front passenger. If the carport is open on the sides, however, space can be saved. The basic framework is an aspect that can best be solved by supporting columns.

Special considerations must be made with regard to roof design. Here, a basic framework should be planned first. This does not have to be supported by crossbeams. The pitched roof is a practical roof structure for this backbone, as it can be constructed so that the weight is dissipated to the outer walls. For this purpose, only rafters are needed at this low weight, which are leaning and screwed at the same angle to each other. More sealing than in the form of roof tiles is not required in the upper layer. However, other roof coverings are also possible if they are suitable for caulking.

The statics of self-constructed carports are more vulnerable than those of professional suppliers. Therefore, such constructions are only to be carried out by experienced craftsmen or persons with corresponding knowledge.

Building a carport with gable roof

First, the correct wood should be found, if the construction should be made of this basic material. The wood should be stable and weatherproof at the same time. Therefore, a coating can be helpful. Another aspect is the preparation of the soil. Semi-permeable concrete blocks, which are offset with grass and earth, are at the same time firm and permeable to water. They also offer advantages by introducing a green surface look. When attaching the floor, always make sure that there is enough space for the holes in the beams.

The holes should have a depth of up to 80 cm. They can be lined from the inside first with plastic wrap before concrete or screed concrete is filled. This creates a stable foundation into which the beams can be embedded. Afterwards the remaining carport can be built. It is always important to carry out the erection according to a certain system.

For purchased carports, the manufacturer specifies this system. For self-constructed carports, it always depends on what is possible and what later steps still need to be performed. Building the roof with roof tiles beforehand could lead to problems due to the heavy weight, so some common sense is not wrong.


Carports are particularly convincing due to their practical advantages. Visually, the pitched roof is one of the most successful roof forms for carports, which goes hand in hand with a good drainage of the water. Carports with pitched roofs can be bought or self-designed.

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