Safety in the office: These obligations have founders of fire safety

Safety in the office: These obligations have founders of fire safety

Almost all start-ups they have to overcome some bureaucratic hurdles before they can start their startup business. It is particularly difficult for employers who want to start with their own office and several employees, because in the office there are some important aspects to consider. Basically, safety is the alpha and omega in the office. It starts with the ergonomic design of the workplace. But fire protection also plays an important role in offices. What should business start-ups look out for in office design to minimize the risk of fire?

Fire safety should not be underestimated in office buildings

Fires are one of the biggest dangers in office operations. They have a considerable potential for harm and can therefore threaten the existence of every entrepreneur. Although this fact is known to almost every employer, start-up companies just like to ignore fire safety - and they are risking themselves, their employees and their financial existence lightly at great risk. In addition, sanctions are threatened by the labor inspectorate if certain fire safety regulations are disregarded. For these reasons, it is important to be aware of the fire safety issue in time.

The main causes of fires in the office

The most common causes of fires in the office are broken or overheated electrical appliances. These can be computers or server cabinets, for example. But the office electronics come as a fire trigger in question, because heat accumulation often lead to Schmorbränden. If power cables are not routed professionally and insulated, they also heat up strongly when the current flows and can cause a Schmorbrand, which is usually detected far too late. But even human negligence is often responsible for fires. Coffee machines, hotplates and toasters are recklessly left to themselves in the office kitchen and forgotten, creating a high risk of fire.

Analyzing risks, avoiding dangers

In order to be able to effectively prevent fires, the workplace must be checked for individual fire risk 5 Health and Safety at Work Act. Only then is it possible to take effective measures to lower the risk accordingly. In office rooms, all electrical appliances and cables must be checked regularly, so that defective components can be quickly discovered and replaced. Business start-ups who relocate cables should be careful to avoid snail-shaped overlaps. At high loads such sites can easily ignite. In addition, the Workplace Ordinance specifies how many fire extinguishers must be present in the office. These fire extinguishers must be inspected by a certified testing company every two years. So defective fire extinguishers can be replaced in time. In this way it is ensured that the fire extinguishers are always functional in case of emergency.

First responders are required

Many start-ups do not know that they are obliged by the accident prevention regulations to always provide sufficient first responders in the office. The number of compulsory first-aiders depends on the size of the company. Even if there are two employees, at least one first-aid assistant must be present at all times, who has the appropriate training. There is a possibility that the entrepreneur himself fulfills this function. Those who do not comply with the first-aid obligation must expect warnings and sanctions from the Trade Inspectorate and, under certain circumstances, pay a fine.

Business founders should be prepared for an emergency

It is very important that an entrepreneur is prepared for an emergency. This is the only way to avoid serious damage to property and personal injury. For this purpose, there are many tools and items that prevent fires and increase security in the office. Appropriate warning signs, fire extinguishers, shut-off systems, emergency lights and first-aid kits can be ordered from B2B retailers who have focused on business equipment. For start-up founders, in particular the area of ​​"fire protection requirements" in the context of fire protection. Interesting. There are fire detectors as well as smoke detectors.

In addition to the regulations already mentioned, there are many more rules on fire protection that every entrepreneur should know. They can be found in the following ordinances and laws:

  • Arbeitsschutzgesetz
  • Gefahrstoffverordnung
  • Arbeitsstättenverordnung
  • Betriebssicherheitsverordnung

In addition, it may be useful to hire a fire protection officer. Fire safety officers may not yet play an important role for entrepreneurs, but in larger companies such a specialist is definitely an advantage. It helps to significantly increase security in the office. Fire Safety Officers are responsible for creating fire safety regulations, controlling escape and escape routes, and testing and maintaining all fire safety equipment.

Training for personnel is important

Once start-ups have survived the initial phase, they should also be trained on fire safety training of staff think. This minimizes the risk that fires may be triggered by incorrect behavior in certain situations. Once a year, there is a training course for the staff explaining how to behave in the event of a fire.

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