Setting up and decorating the youth room

Setting up and decorating the youth room

Latest studies make parents moan: Our children are getting into puberty earlier, girls on average already at 10 years, boys with 12. That means that our little ones from the latest More and more frequently, they have their own head and want to wade it through the wall from time to time.

What is especially important at this time is the fact that young people have their personal retreat . Having your own room is a great advantage, especially when it comes to resolving conflicts or not letting emotions boil over. A teenager who can slam a room door behind him and retreat to his private space is sure to retire faster with this retreat than without.

So parents guessed it : When our children are at a certain age, Not only is there a change from child to teenager, but it will also require a redesign of the nursery. Things to consider when refurbishing the nursery are that the room above all matches the taste of the resident. This means that parents have to back their influence somewhat, even if that is sometimes difficult.

The redesign of the nursery to the youth room consists of several steps. For one thing, in many cases new furniture is on the program. In school, the desk is becoming increasingly important. Fittingly, the desk chair should be supplemented with the needs of a teenager. The chair should be height adjustable and have a flexible backrest. The wardrobe and bed are often either too small or no longer in their appearance to the style of a trendy youth room.

Other ways to visually enhance the room and to change fundamentally, are in the field of wall design and decoration. A new wall paint works wonders in living atmosphere. Whereas the children's room was typically designed in childish colors before, a fresh wall paint and funny accessories in the youth room can fundamentally change the mood.

Youthful momentum comes through a loose, open wall design the rooms of boys and girls. Open wall design means, for example, that a wall should not be painted completely, that is, in its entire surface, should be painted in color. Such walls are too massive for furnishing experts, especially in small rooms. Rather, the advice is to make walls only partially colored or to loosen up colored walls by brighter decoration. On the one hand, the necessary color accents are set, but the influence of the color is not too great.

Similar colored accents can be set with matching wall motifs. For example, special stickers are suitable for sticking to the wall as a creative addition. The colored wall tattoo foils, which hold on walls as well as on cabinet doors, mirrors or windows, set discreet or intensive accents according to desire. Even as a door sign, in the sense of a more stylish variant of the "stay outside" warning, a wall tattoo can even be glued to the room door from the outside.

The wall motifs for the youth room can be chosen to match the hobby of the resident. Outdoor sports, football, skateboarding, music, beautiful quotes, riding and computers are just a few examples of interesting motifs for the youthful residents. Even modern borders, funny sayings and wall banners are suitable for visually upgrading walls. Especially in rental apartments, where walls should not be painted or have to be repainted when moving out, are removable wall stickers practical alternatives to painted walls.

So if you want to set up a youth room, you are spoiled for choice. Parents should, as I said, in restraint practice. Anyone who gives their child the necessary self-reliance and signals that it can make decisions themselves that are ultimately accepted, will have a happier teenager at home in the longer term. And what, if not satisfaction with yourself and your own living situation, is an optimal prerequisite for the fact that maybe puberty can be a bit easier for everyone involved.

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