Setting up a small apartment - Knowing how

Setting up a small apartment is not that easy. Everywhere there is a lack of storage space, so everything quickly seems chaotic. However, with our tips, you can still bring structure and order to your rooms.

Clever furnishing of a small bedroom

The most important thing in your bedroom is the bed. It may like to fill the room and be in the center. Never save on the size of the bed. In a small bed you will sleep badly, feeling tired, exhausted and unbalanced in the morning. No matter how small your bedroom is, the bed should always be of sufficient size. Place the headboard on a free wall and arrange all other furniture around the bed. This is how you visually put a large bed in a small bedroom in the limelight.

With the right wall design you can achieve a great look in small rooms. For example, a large mirror on the wall makes the entire room look bigger!

Cabinets and shelves provide storage space. But what if such furniture does not fit in your bedroom at all? In this case, there are wall cabinets and hanging shelves that can be placed above your bed. In addition, you should not leave the space under your bed unused. There you can store all the utensils you do not need on a daily basis, such as towels, winter jackets, sheets and books.

With the following ideas, you make the most of the small space in your bedroom:

  • Opt for it You can also buy a bed with drawers
  • Alternatively, you can buy a bed with drawers
  • A high bed gives you the possibility to put many boxes underneath
  • Even a loft bed is a good idea for narrow bedrooms
  • Do not use a wardrobe with doors, but use shelves that protect you from prying eyes with a curtain

How to create storage locations without making your room feel uncomfortable.

Small Living Room

Setup Tips Your living room bears this name because you want to live in it. You should therefore always make it so that a feel-good oasis is created. But the space does not have to be very big, because even in small living rooms can be conjured up with our tips sent a great atmosphere.

Less is more

In small apartments with a mini-living room is in the selection of furniture : Less is more! Keep the room as minimalist as possible. Avoid large living walls and numerous shelves. Instead, focus on a nice sofa and a practical coffee table. So you offer all family members a place to relax and rest. Pay attention to bright colors, clean lines and unobtrusive patterns, so that the living room does not seem overloaded. Simply decorate with a few, selected decorative elements such as colored cushions and create an attractive atmosphere with indirect lighting.

Functional furniture is to be preferred

If the living room also serves as a bedroom, as in one One bedroom apartment is the case, you should opt for a sofa with sleep function. This is also recommended if you do not have a separate guest room, as this will provide guests with a place to sleep. In general, functional furniture is currently at the forefront of living trends. From time to time you can use your living room as an office by buying a closet with an iris that can be converted into a desk in no time.

A sensible way to divide up small kitchens with modern living ideas

A tightly cut kitchen will certainly make a great challenge. Especially when it has to be used as a dining room at the same time, it is all the more important to have the right layout.

Storage space is essential in the kitchen

Pots, pans, plates, cups, cutlery, kitchen utensils and all sorts of other odds and ends should be stowed away in the kitchen. Therefore, storage space is not as important in any other room as here. Choose the best open shelves. They visually give the room more depth, while closed cupboards often have a crushing effect. Take advantage of the full height in your kitchen and install shelves just below the ceiling. There you can store all the kitchen utensils that you do not need so often.

Delimit your own dining area

Set up your small dining area with a room divider. This will ensure that you do not have the chaos of cooking in your field of vision while eating. For example, you can use a curtain as a room divider, but shelves are also available. Place a small table and space-saving seating in the dining area.

Small bathrooms with a big impact

Even with large apartments, the bathroom is often very small. It is therefore all the more important to make the narrow space look more beautiful with a suitable design. The following living tips will help you:

  1. Take advantage of the space below the washbasin! In a cabinet fits all sorts of trinkets such as cleaning supplies, toiletries and toilet paper.
  2. Choose furniture with a sleek design and hang it directly on the walls. This makes cleaning easier.
  3. Your bathroom is painted in dark colors? Renovate it! A bright bathroom looks more open and larger.
  4. Add a few colorful accents in red, blue or orange. Such eyecatchers look modern and distract from the narrowness of the room.
  5. Buy a mirror cabinet to add storage space behind the mirror's doors.

By the way: Following current trends, bathrooms can not go without them Wooden furniture made. In fact, such furniture looks very cozy and warm.

More Tips for Small Apartments

When you enter the house or apartment, you are first in the hallway. So you do not feel crushed in your home immediately, you should design the hallway with bright colors and some personal DIY accessories. So you will immediately feel completely comfortable. In tight children's rooms there is often the problem that there is not enough room to play and run around. A space-saving loft bed is not only beautiful, but also offers space for a desk.

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