Setting up the workspace in the living room

Setting up the workspace in the living room

More and more people work from home. There are many good reasons for this. This will save you the daily traffic jam on your way to the office and there are no hard-working colleagues who can make life difficult for you. Breaks can be made flexible at will, leaving more time for the children or important appointments, for example, and work can be continued later. In return, of course, this working model requires a good deal of self-discipline. The spatial conditions in the apartment are not always ideal, however, so that a separate study is available. Often, therefore, desks and folders must be placed in the living room. A workplace in the living room is in principle not a problem, as long as some points are taken into account.

If space is at a premium, a workplace can also be set up in the living room

It is important that the workplace in the living room is both practical and ergonomically ideal - in other words, user-friendly. is set up. This means that a desk of the correct height and in sufficient size should find its way into the work area. Even a good desk chair, on which you can concentrate for a few hours without back pain, is important when working in the living room. In no case should you tend to work at the coffee table or to put an unused kitchen chair at your desk, because that will inevitably end up with ergonomic problems.

Last but not least, the workplace in the living room should be well lit. Ideal is a place at the window, but even with a good lamp can work relaxed. In any case, a so-called daylight lamp, which creates a pleasant working atmosphere with its bright and sunlight-like light, is worth considering. To neatly store files or other utensils shelves offer. To save space, it can also be very high here and the utensils, which are rarely needed anyway, can be stored in boxes on the top shelves.

For this, the workplace in the living room definitely does not need an expensive designer model from the furniture shop. Just a few inexpensive shelves in the right length, which can be cut to size in the hardware store, can be attached to the wall with the help of pretty consoles in the required height and painted as desired. So you can always stay flexible when adding new shelves later on and can expand your workspace in the living room as needed.

The workspace in the living room should be separated

No matter if the workplace in the living room is used as a daily home office or only serves as a small work area for private purposes: In any case, a separation between work and leisure should be made. Such a separation works quite simply through curtains that can be opened and closed as needed. Also, the stand of the desk in a quiet corner of the room can already make a lot of difference. So you can retire to your workspace in the living room and work concentrated there, without distracting yourself by TV, stereo or to be disturbed by the family members in the same room.

The division between the workplace in the living room and the cozy couch corner but with TV has another advantage: If you are done in the evening with the work, you can lounging comfortably on the couch, without constantly having the workplace and thus the work still to be done in the immediate range. The curtain is drawn to the desk and the work is literally out of sight and thus out of mind. Thus, a good balance between work and leisure can be achieved even when working in the living room at home.

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