Setting up the Home with Personal Items

The Way People Do living together in a limited space has changed massively in recent years. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was taken for granted that the so-called & quot; multi-generational homes & ldquo; The number one single household today is at a historic high. The reasons for this are manifold, but above all the growth in apartments as a whole and the fact that families today no longer characterize the image that is perceived as traditional, should be mentioned here in the first place. From this it follows that one has far more possibilities for individual and personal development than it used to be in shared rooms.

In this article we would like to describe some practical tips and ideas and help

Become one with the apartment

The basic needs of each person are shaped and satisfied by the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room. It goes without saying that these spaces are not simply purposefully structured, constructed and equipped - but one often approaches the thing without any plan and creates barriers that become a problem in everyday life. A prime example of this thesis is a study integrated into the bedroom, which, according to recent research, has been shown to inhibit motivation and also the need to personally personalize oneself. If enough space is available, sometimes even in old-style apartments with high ceilings, the space can still be divided and used in a variety of ways. First of all, it is important to find your own style and use the spatial boundaries to that effect. The fact that not every room follows the same color, cut or equipment pattern makes it easier for us to adapt and to let go, that is, to relax even in rooms that are primarily used for working. Of particular interest is the approach of combining classical or rustic elements with those of modernity, creating a sort of contrast. Thus, a

bedroom can be kept in a country style , so be structured over a lot of natural materials and colors, but at the same time accommodate modern technology and not act as a foreign body. For example, you can have your own pictures printed in poster format to give your walls a new expression, which also puffs off on the environment. This kind of & quot; wall tattoos & quot; makes the device easy and cost-effective, because only the format and matching motif is needed, the quality level and other extras are easy to select. For example, let yourself be inspired by the motives of contemporary artists, imitate funny situations from your everyday life and thus give the room its own story.

Skillfully introduce objects

Old, sometimes damaged or contaminated pieces of furniture can be jazzed up with simple movements and be introduced. Color, for example, has been shown to provide a better indoor climate, as the function of the piece of furniture is emphasized but nevertheless remains relative to size. In practice, you could paint a part of the feet or supports of benches, sofas and Co. different color or connect with side tables and the like, although these previously did not match.

Very interesting are also converted to room parts objects, such as an old slatted frame or europallets. For this you just have to edit the surface easily, bring small motifs or carvings and could the area as

Use the projection screen for personal pictures . Correspondingly positioned in the room, this certainly encourages your guests to have appealing conversations. Bulky waste should not be left out, because this is where a lot of creativity can be implemented. Dining room tables or shelves in the living room could, if one finds suitable items, be adapted with these new and redesigned modules. Due to the fact that not everything looks streamlined and a lid is visible for each pot, you have more motivation for innovative thinking and thus ultimately relaxation in your own four walls.

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