Settling bumblebees in the garden: How to Give Jumping Queens a Jump Starter in Spring

Settling bumblebees in the garden: How to Give Jumping Queens a Jump Starter in Spring

Bumblebees are useful insects worth protecting. Therefore, it is a good decision to locate them in your own garden. Especially now in the spring is an ideal time. However, the project will only be successful if you inform yourself in advance about the insects and their needs and consider a few things. In this article you will receive tips on how you can support bumblebees in spring and thus locate a hummingbird in your garden.

The bumblebees must voluntarily come to the garden

First of all, the settlement of bumblebees in the garden is only indirect

Bumblebees are protected and should under no circumstances be simply caught.

In order to lure the bumble-bee queen into her own garden, it will definitely help to make her as insect-friendly as possible. Then the little insects will come to you voluntarily.

A suitable nesting site is important for the bumblebee

It is also important to know that bumblebees all animals - with the exception of the already fertilized young queen - die in autumn. In early spring, the queens then go in search of a suitable nesting site. There you found a new bumble bee people. Especially popular are

  • deadwood,
  • stone columns,
  • mouse holes,
  • bird nests or
  • house insulation

. Once the new quarters are found, the first honeycomb is built. At the beginning, she still consumes the food stocks from last year, which are stored in her honey stomach. Once exhausted, the bumblebees need timely and sufficient nectar-giving flowers in their environment. The nectar is turned into honey for bad weather and stored in pots of wax. Soon the queen of bumblebees lays the first eggs and has to supply the hatching larvae with pollen, which she collects from the flowers.

For this reason, a bumblebee queen will rather settle down in an insect-friendly garden with many early flowering plants. Only then will she have enough food to feed herself and her new bumblebee population. Most bumblebees like to take on people's nest boxes. They can be homemade or bought. Since the various bumblebees have different needs, various nesting aids should be prepared.

An insect-friendly and near-natural garden is ideal for bumblebees

A perfect nesting site will not benefit the bumblebees if there is not enough food available. Therefore, you should make your garden deliberately varied and close to nature. Forget about simple elegance, decorative items and unit lawns, but integrate a lush plantation, which is characterized by a high biodiversity, and natural areas in your garden. Only then does the garden really appeal to bumblebees.

Help bruised bumblebees in spring

If you find a depleted bumblebee queen on the patio or in the garden in the spring, you should help the beast.

If you now Help a bumble-bee queen in early spring do not just save an animal. They save a whole bumblebee state that is just beginning to emerge from certain death.

Gently lift the bumblebee with a piece of paper. Then dissolve half a teaspoon of sugar in lukewarm water and offer the animal the sugar water with a spoon. The bumblebee can absorb up to a third of a teaspoon of the liquid with its proboscis in a matter of minutes.


If you want to plant bumblebees in the garden, you should make sure that the garden is insect-friendly. In addition, a nesting site can be provided. In addition, you should help exhausted bumblebees with sugar water in the spring.

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