Shading your own four walls

Shading your own four walls

As much as people enjoy the sun outdoors, the temperature inside the house is uncomfortable. Everybody needs light, which comes through the numerous windows of the property. The incidence of light, however, also creates a negative effect: the rooms heat up. Consumers can protect themselves against the summer heat with appropriate shading.

Starting with spring, temperatures are slowly but double-digging, reaching a value around 30 degrees Celsius in the summer. For most people, this temperature is anything but pleasant, especially when it lasts for weeks and warms up the house. The result: sleepless nights, sweaty sheets and listlessness in everyday life. The summer heat is affecting people around the globe and should not be neglected as it can cause circulatory problems and unconsciousness at worst. Once the rooms are heated, it is difficult to lower the temperature. Therefore, it is important to make arrangements so that the heat does not even get inside.

How homeowners protect themselves from the beginning

Who, considering the historically low interest rates, is considering building a home should pay attention to how the rooms are aligned. Fortunately, the sun is one of the few elements of our life that has the same process every day. A well-known donkey-bridge, which children already learn at school, is:

The sun rises in the east, it takes its course in the south, it wants to go down in the west, it can never be seen in the north should, if possible, be oriented east. As the sun rises here, the sunbeams that come through the window in the morning can help you wake up. In the course of the day, the sun will not heat up the bedroom, so the temperature here is pleasant in the evening.

The southern side in particular is problematic as the sun reaches its peak here and shines directly onto the house at a steep angle. In particular, the roof and possibly the underlying room are thereby greatly heated. Although some people recommend that the south side should have large windows due to the strong sunlight, as the house is heated in the winter. However, this advantage will be detrimental in the summer when there are no suitable shading options.

However, the low of the sun does not heat up the rooms on the lower floors of the south side, but rather the west and east rooms. The incoming sunrays can penetrate deep into the room and warm it up. Good shading is therefore required both in the bedroom on the east side and in the rooms on the west side.

The window as a portal to the summer heat

The windows are the biggest gateway to sunshine and therefore also heat. How much heat ultimately penetrates through the windows depends on the glazing. There is a special indication for this, the so-called g value (total energy transmittance). The smaller the g-value, the better. Normal heat-shield glass should have a g-value of 0.7 to 0.9, which means: The window lets 70 to 90 percent of solar energy through.

The window alone is therefore unable to keep out the sun's rays, so an additional shading is necessary. There are two types:

Exterior shading

  1. Indoor shading
  2. The first variant of the variant is roller shutters, which are installed on the outside. In a subsequent assembly that is not integrated into the outer wall, it is often a little lost the window area. The drawbacks of roller shutters include that, when completely closed, they allow very little light to pass through their small holes. Furthermore, they need regular care and maintenance to work properly. Shutters are also a slightly more expensive investment that needs to be assembled by a professional.

For this reason, many people opt for a shading from the inside: it is cheaper and can usually be fixed by laymen. In this area, the blinds have prevailed, which are now available in various designs and models. They are attached directly to the window frame, in the window recess or on the window wall. Premium suppliers such as blinds offer in their online shop aluminum blinds that customers can configure themselves. Compared to mass-produced goods, every consumer can buy a venetian blind that fits perfectly to their window and satisfactorily shadows the room.

Buy Venetian Blinds: Pay Attention to Material and Dimensions

Shading your own four walls is just as good like the products that are used. When buying venetian blinds, consumers need to pay attention to several features so that they can properly shade their own four walls.


  • : The slats of venetian blinds are made of plastic, wood or aluminum. We recommend the latter because it is particularly resistant and easy to care for. Plastic and wood can take on a different color due to the sun's rays. Owners of aluminum blinds only have to clean them of dust regularly. Furthermore, aluminum is a modern material that fits perfectly in modern homes. Processing
  • : Not only the material plays a big role, but also the way it was processed. A high-quality Venetian blind can be operated easily and easily - not only today, but also in many years. Handling
  • : Classic Venetian blinds have a reversible bar and a drawstring. With the first element one opens and closes the lamellas, with the second one can pull the blind up and down. Modern blinds have an endless chain that replaces the other two elements. Dimensions
  • : A Venetian blind is only perfect if it fits exactly to the window. Consumers should therefore tailor their blinds to perfectly cover the window or window niche. Shadow Dispensers Must Be Used Correctly

No shading system works satisfactorily if not used effectively. In the morning, when the last inhabitant leaves the house, he should make sure that the blinds are closed by the windows, where sunbeams could penetrate during the day.

Especially in summer, consumers need to learn to ventilate properly. In the early morning, all rooms should first be aired. Then you close the windows and can not be tipped open, because the heat would only flow into the house. The windows remain closed. Only late in the evening can be aired again - preferably at or after midnight. Only then is the outside air cooled down so much that the air exchange in the apartment makes sense.

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