Shower Curtains: Information and Tips to Buy

Shower Curtains: Information and Tips to Buy

The shower curtain is a handy helper in the bathroom, so that soap and water do not spoil the whole bathroom while showering. Shower curtains are usually attached to a pole and are made of plastic. Over time and the development of printing methods, thanks to the design of shower curtains has constantly evolved. Today they are available in a variety of colors and materials. What we should consider when buying, we have summarized in the following.

The history of the shower

The French military introduced in 1860 the first showers. At the time they did not know how popular this practical measure of mass hygiene would become later. The reason for the development was the search for a way in which soldiers could keep themselves economically clean. Twenty years later, showers were introduced as single cabins in boarding schools, barracks and prisons, later also in public baths. When exactly the shower curtain was developed is not known.

When buying shower curtains pay attention to the following

shower curtain is not the same shower curtain: There are differences in the material, waterproofing, impregnation and much more. With the following purchase you make the right purchase decision:

  • Impregnation : Water rolls off on impregnated shower curtains and thus minimizes the risk of mold. These shower curtains usually do not need to be cleaned with home remedies; wiping or spraying with water is sufficient.
  • Waterproof : It's a logical requirement, but not all shower curtains are 100 percent waterproof.
  • PVC-free : PVC-free shower curtains are easy to recycle and thus protect the environment.
  • Translucency : Depending on the architecture and Lighting the bathroom, it can be of great importance how translucent the shower curtain is. Otherwise you will be in the dark when showering and will increase the risk of injury or accidents.
  • Hygiene : Shower trays should be washable at 40 to 60 ° C.
  • Microfibre : Microfibre shower curtains prevent bacteria from settling.

The right size

The old shower curtain is often the benchmark for buying a new model , It pays to measure . Not only can you save money, you can also choose from more shower curtains.

Decisive for the width of a shower curtain:

  • Balance for the drape: The desired width plus 10 to 20 percent.
  • The shower curtain hangs in the wall Ideally in the bathtub or shower tray.
  • The internal and external dimensions of bathtubs and shower trays differ.

For the length and height of the shower curtain, keep

  • the distance between the water surface and the seam.
  • Distance from
  • must not be suspended in the water.
  • may be adjusted to the individual size of the consumer.

Who feels at home on the shower curtain

Uncleaned Shower curtains are the ideal habitat for bacteria that can cause infections. As microbiologist Norman Pace has discovered, using genetic material analysis, masses of microorganisms live on the surface of soap scum on shower curtains. Much of these bacteria are part of the sphingomonads or methyl bacteria. These two groups also have species that can cause harm to humans as a potential pathogen.

Normally, the bacteria on the shower curtain are not Health risk for humans and completely harmless. The problem only becomes problematic for people with open wounds or weakened immune systems. For this reason it is advisable to clean the shower curtain regularly.

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