Shower screen: function, door systems and cleaning

Shower screen: function, door systems and cleaning

Shower enclosures are, as the name suggests, partitions in the bathroom or shower area. The main function is that water does not escape from the shower area when showering, so that the bathroom does not get unnecessarily wet. In addition to this practical benefit, the partitions also have another function: They are a practical design element in the bathroom.

The crucial factor in the purchase of shower enclosures is the gas-tightness. Customers must first be aware of their needs. What kind of shower are you? Intensive or Quick Shower ? Is the separation used in a single or large family household? Each situation places different demands on the product.

Basically, applies: Fully framed shower enclosures have a higher gas-tightness than design-oriented, frameless or partially framed shower enclosures. Good to know: Doors opening into the room lose water droplets in the bathroom, sliding doors are better, as the drops stay in the shower tray and do not drip on the floor.

The best functionality can be achieved if shower tray and may otherwise be incompatible, which will ultimately negatively affect the splash-proof .

Room Situation

Doors that open into the room take up more space than Sliding doors that can be conveniently pushed aside. The latter are therefore the most suitable for small and medium-sized bathrooms. The following factors play an important role in the selection of the door system of the shower enclosure:

  • Bathroom size
  • Shower location

Here are some solutions for different room situations:

Possible locations for shower:

  1. Niche
  2. Corner
  3. Free on the wall

Basic shapes of the shower:

  • Quarter circle
  • Square
  • Pentagon
  • Semicircle

Door systems

No matter which door system or which basic form you choose, basically everything is feasible. Everything is a matter of budget and personal taste. Door systems at a glance:

  • Sliding doors are suitable for small bathrooms because they are very space-saving and have a high basic value.
  • Comfort doors are also suitable for small bathrooms; <409> Swing doors
  • also belong in small bathrooms, their doors can be opened inwards and outwards, which means they require little space without reducing the full access width. Swing doors
  • are in large bathrooms, where you can make full use of the full access width. Swing doors with front pivot
  • fit into spacious bathrooms where the shower must be installed near radiators; Swing doors with fixed segment
  • are also suitable for spacious bathrooms if there is a radiator or a wall projection in the area of ​​the segment. Door systems are not only available for showers, but also for

bath . Again, there are several variants: Case 1

  1. : The fitting is located on the short wall of the bathtub. In this case, a conventional shower enclosure can no longer be folded in. Solution
    • : A closed shower cubicle made of three parts, which is mounted on the long wall and can be completely folded in rest position. Case 2
  2. : The shower fitting is located on the side of the long wall. Solution
    • : A single or multi-part folding wall can be installed on the short wall - optionally with swiveling segments. Case 3
  3. : The shower tap is located in the center on a long wall. The ideal solution for this situation is the use of a shower enclosure with round, closed segments.
    • Case 4
  4. : The bath is located in a corner area or niche and the position of the fitting does not matter. In this case, a closed cabin solution is possible that extends over the entire length of the bathtub.
    • Cleaning & Care

Cleaning the The bathroom is often associated with a lot of work in old rooms. When planning a new bathroom, you should therefore plan all the elements, including the shower, so that the cleaning effort is minimal. When purchasing the shower enclosure, make sure it has the following:

Sealing strips

  • that are easy to clean and prevent calcification and yellowing. Flush hinges
  • , which simplify cleaning and care of the shower enclosure. Easy-care glass
  • lets water simply bead off. Detachable sliding doors
  • can be disassembled into individual elements so that they can easily be cleaned. 3 Care Tips

Art glass allows water to drain away quickly, remaining impurities can be removed without remove sharp cleaners.

  1. Clear glass requires more cleaning than art glass. Nevertheless, you should not use any scratching and scouring cleaners.
  2. For chrome surfaces, water and soapsuds work best. Then wipe dry with a leather rag.
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