Shower instead of bathtub: Showers also offer comfort

Shower instead of bathtub: Showers also offer comfort

Ever wondered why the bathroom bears his name? Actually, only a few people in Germany are bathing in their wet cell. Many bathrooms have a shower. If you have a large bathroom or two bathrooms, is often happy owner of a bath and shower. Nevertheless, the term bathroom hardly fits into the 21st century, after all, the room is not only used for bathing, but for general body care, make-up and relaxation.

In recent years, a new trend underpins the claim that the word bathroom is long outdated. Experts in the sanitary industry are talking about a trend towards the wellness sector. The bathroom turns from the wet room to a space in which one can feel comfortable. The trend is driven by new products that make you feel good. These include steam showers, music systems and lighting control products.

Showering or Bathing: A Question of Space

Shower or Bathtub? In concrete terms, we would answer this question as follows: Both - but only if there is space. On the question, whether you prefer showering or bathing, you could argue for days. Actually, nobody should have to choose between these two body care measures, after all, they both have their advantages.

  • Showering is on weekdays, when it usually needs to go fast, to be preferred. In the morning, one quickly jumps into the shower and leaves the house a few minutes later dressed.
  • At the weekend, enjoy a relaxing bath, a glass of wine, music and a good book. There is plenty of time to relax in the warm water.

Apart from human habits, the question of whether to choose a shower or a bathtub should also take into account the space available. In small bathrooms, the choice of a shower leaves more room. If the house has two bathrooms, a bathtub can be placed in one and a shower in the second. Some bathrooms are even big enough to house both a bath and a shower. Thinking of Tomorrow: Not Always Staying Young.

Consumers who opt for a bathtub instead of a shower are often young years. They forget that nobody stays young. In old age getting into the bath becomes a (dangerous) challenge. Although you can mount handles and other measures to help you get started. If you are confined to a wheelchair when you are very old, the bathtub will become unusable.

In such a situation, the classic but floor-level shower would be better suited. Modern, barrier-free showers are big enough that you can easily use them in a wheelchair. They also offer non-disabled people of the older generation a simple opportunity to care for their bodies without exposing themselves to great dangers.

Showers offer more features and comfort than ever

The shower trend can be attributed to the general development of society become. People are under time pressure, everything has to go fast - even for body care are available only a few minutes per day. In this development, the bathtub has lost its role. Consumers prefer to take a shower in the morning. Who has time to let the water run into the bathtub in the morning and spend a few minutes here?

On the other side there are economic and environmentally friendly thoughts: showering saves money and protects the environment - after all, you waste less water. What is the disadvantage? Showering is a compromise, many say. You do not get really clean and you can not relax. That may be true for a regular shower.

Showers have evolved in recent years, demonstrating the models of EAGO. The vendor's steam showers are an alternative to whirlpools and bring comfort to the home bathroom - even where there is no room for a bath. Steam showers are available in small and large versions, so they will fill any space. There are even models that combine a steam shower with a whirlpool.

Steam showers bring comfort to the bathroom

Steam showers combine the classic shower with the steam room known from the sauna. In the shower you can use the classic body cleansing device. At the same time, a generator generates water vapor, which is directed into the cabin via nozzles. When showering, therefore, the same effect as in a sauna arises: The skin opens her pores and emits toxins. Steam baths also stimulate the immune system, relieve joint discomfort and relieve muscle tension.

In addition to the steam function, there are showers that also work with color therapy. Colors are known to have a stimulating effect on the human organism. That's why we use colors in certain situations or in interior design. Color therapy is based on the same principle: in different situations, certain colors are used. In the morning, for example, a color is chosen that stimulates the body and helps the consumer to wake up. In the evening, on the other hand, colors are used which have a relaxing effect.

The individual functions of the steam shower

In addition to color light therapy, steam showers have many other functions that set them apart from classic showers:

Rain shower

  • : Most Steam showers have a so-called rain shower head. Through the ceiling element, water pours like rain on the consumer, which feels extremely pleasant. Massage jets
  • : This element is usually attached to the side and is suitable for combating back pain. When buying, make sure that both the direction and the strength of the water jet can be adjusted. Control display
  • : Top-class steam showers have control displays. Through the display, consumers can control the shower by adjusting the temperature, turning on music or aligning the massage jets. Sound System
  • : Anyone training their vocal cords in the shower will receive powerful support from a sound system. The operating display allows consumers to select a radio station and play the music through loudspeakers in the ceiling. The variety of functions demonstrates how modern a shower has become. In terms of comfort, it can even surpass the classic bathtub.

Rebuild Existing Bathtub to Shower

Choosing a modern steam shower always involves a certain investment. For those who can not afford this and are looking for an alternative, an article on shows how to turn a bathtub into a shower. The conversion requires a company that can produce a custom-made shower cubicle. The delivery time for such a shower cubicle can take a month.

The advantage of the measure is that a subsidy for care funds is possible if the bathtub is converted for a care case. If it is not a case of long-term care, the KfW promotion No. 455 (Altersgerecht Umbauen - Investitionszuschuss) could be considered: The conditions state that the "creation of floor-level showering places". Of course, those interested can also check whether the KfW subsidy applies to the purchase of a steam shower. Exact information can be obtained from the competent authority.


For many people, the shower has replaced the bathtub. It suits the modern man better, for whom even the body care has to go fast. Modern steam showers extend the purpose of this product by providing comfort functions that relax the consumer.

Article picture: © Lars Zahner / Shutterstock