Sleeping time is lifetime

Sleep researchers were able to demonstrate in a long-term study that rested people much more productive and relaxed are, in short, engage emotionally and tackle things more efficiently. People who are not well rested or even sleepy, who simply can not rest at night, showed noticeable stress symptoms and needed much more time to do the same work. For this reason, the bed is also the most important base in the bedroom, which can not be decided solely on the basis of economic principles.

This article explains the basics of buying beds and systems.

Adapted to your own needs

The most important components of a bed, ie the frame and the mattress, are matched directly to one another in modern sleep systems, resulting in maximum relaxation. Significant for the decision is in particular whether a self-regulating spring suspension is given. High quality is achieved by the wave spring, the force from the mattress evenly implemented and regulated by the spring base so that the same shape is formed again. A concept that is certainly unique in this area has been patented by Swissflex.

It is also important that a robust and durable material such as aluminum, laminated wood or the like was chosen for the material issue. Since the modern sleep systems bring a certain, ie higher basic weight and implement an additional load on the frame by the regulation, this point should not be neglected in favor of aesthetic aspects. In these synchronizations, where the bed is self-regulating and movements are balanced, the headrest is also important. It should not be fixed in any case, but should be adapted to the situation with simple steps.

Key Features

As noted above, the market has been flooded for some time with compact sleep systems that provide an individualized fit Adapt to the sleeping habits of each individual. If one takes the above-mentioned study on the effectiveness in connection with the sleeping behavior as a benchmark, then it is worth buying mainly because such systems are much more robust and therefore more durable. Nonetheless, we'd like to give you some more guidance in this section.

  • If your space is limited, systems with an integrated bedside table are a viable option. These are usually free-swinging variants made of aluminum or titanium, give the entire ensemble a contrast point and structure the structure of the bed even more. In addition, these designs can often be stowed so small or disappear under the bed that the space problem is the smallest problem.
  • If you want to put the bed in the center of the bedroom, then a system with adjusted feet is recommended. Outwardly, these only show themselves at the upper edge, approximately to the lower spring, and then disappear a few centimeters towards the middle. The resulting visual effects of the floating bed allow you to have a better layout, especially in small rooms. Regarding the stability no losses are recognizable, because here also a special form of aluminum or titanium provides an extremely high robustness.
  • If you want to forego bright table lighting and also bring in a control of several places in the room, then we recommend a so-called underfloor lighting. It's so easy to navigate, so that about half of each is equipped with a different light intensity, which is extremely considerate at night excursions. In addition, this discreet backlight, which due to the shape of the bed frame still illuminates the most important areas, is more motivating.

A tip: The possibilities of LEDs, which now reach an infinite variety of colors, are also suitable for use in the bedroom. They emit almost no heat and can therefore be incorporated in any kind and shape and give the whole thing a special atmosphere.

Artikelbild: © Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock

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