Small Kitchen: With these simple tricks you can create more space!

Small Kitchen: With these simple tricks you can create more space!

Cooking is no longer a necessary evil but is now considered a hobby among men and women alike. To prepare elaborate menus, however, you need a lot of space - and this is often not available even in small rental apartments. But even if your apartment has a cramped kitchenette, you can make more room with a few tricks and gadgets. With our five tips, even the smallest kitchens offer plenty of space to feel good.

Tip 1: Reduce your kitchen appliances to the bare minimum

In tight kitchens, it's especially important to make the best possible use of the available space. This works by taking the following tips to heart:

  • Only buy kitchen appliances you really need
  • Appliances you use every day should be within reach
  • Rarely used kitchen gadgets are closed Cabinets or Shelves Stored

For example, ask yourself if you really need an oven. Modern kitchens often offer the possibility of integrating the hob detached from the oven into the worktop. Then you could completely do without the oven and instead have a microwave with grill and oven function installed in a wall unit. It can also be used for baking and you do not have a large oven that takes away your valuable space.

Generally, you should rely on multifunctional kitchen and home appliances. Modern combi tools are particularly practical: Induction hotplates can be provided with a cover so that you can cut vegetables on your cooking plate if you do not need them for cooking.

If you live alone, a dishwasher with one is usually enough Width of only 45 centimeters.

Tip # 2: Use Every Angle of the Kitchen

Kitchenettes create so-called dead kitchen corners where the corners of two cabinets meet. Such corners take away valuable space without meaning. Luckily, there are swivel and tilt extensions to turn those unused areas into real storage space wonders. The most typical example of this is the carousel cabinet. In this corner cabinet are circular floors, which are rotatably mounted about an axis. For example, you can put pots, dishwashing liquid or even your trashcans there, lending meaningful purpose to the formerly unused space.

Tip # 3: Use Practical Rail Systems and Fully-Extracting Drawers

When Buying Your Kitchenette, Make Sure That The Drawers are fully extendable.

Pedestal drawers underneath the cabinet are a great storage option for cake plates, chopping boards, baking trays and other flat kitchen gadgets.

You can also find practical rail rails above your work surface attach. They look good visually and ensure that you always have the most important utensils such as kitchen paper, trowels, knives and spices at hand.

Tip # 4: What you do not need is in the basement

But no matter how many storage solutions Use them in your kitchen to provide more space, eventually the last square meter is exhausted. In this case, it makes sense to disconnect from all the utensils that you do not need on a regular basis to regain free space. Of course, you do not need to dispose of your guest service right away, but it does not necessarily have to be in the kitchen all year round if you only need it twice a year anyway. It is also best to bring at least the following things to the basement, attic or storage room:

  • Raclette Ovens and Table Barbecues
  • Large Bowling Bowls
  • Canned preserves such as jams, cooked fruit or pickled vegetables

Avoid decorations as much as possible. Even if you find it difficult, there is simply no room for decorative elements in small kitchens. Instead, you can look for a nice look when choosing your kitchen appliances.

Tip 5: Open the kitchen to the living room

Currently, the open plan kitchen is hotter than ever. Who likes to cook alone while the guests enjoy themselves in the living room? If you have the opportunity and an open plan kitchen is for you at all, you should open your kitchen in one direction to the living room by removing a wall.


Multifunctional kitchen appliances are ideal for small kitchens because a 3-in-1 appliance takes up less space than three single units Equipment. Carousel cabinets, pedestal drawers, and wall rail systems are just a few of the other useful helpers in small kitchens when it comes to making the most of the available space. Do not use decoration and bring your kitchen utensils, which you rarely need, to the basement.

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