Social Housing Promotion for Low-Income Families

In the face of an uncertain world economic situation, more and more people are looking for security. You will find them in a home that also represents the perfect retirement plan. However, there are many households that can not provide their own energy. Often, household income is too low to pay the rent or sufficient living space is unaffordable. Especially single parents , large households and disabled people often find it difficult to find accommodation for their specific needs.

Germany, a welfare state, sees it as his job to support these households. Those affected receive a social housing subsidy and housing allowance.

Purpose and promotion

Social housing promotion provides low-cost rental housing for people with access difficulties in the housing market, since 1 September 2006 is are the Länder and not the federal government responsible for social housing promotion. for families with many children but also for people who need a handicapped accessible home.

Municipalities and countries also promote rented housing . In this case, the landlord agrees to leave the housing only tenants who have a residence permit. Interested persons must submit an application to the competent authority in their country for the receipt of the residential entitlement certificate.

Loan for Property Measures

The following information refers to the subsidized loans for owner-occupied housing of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. There may well be differences between individual countries and municipalities, but the most important criteria are the same.

In principle, every household, including single parents, with at least one child and severely handicapped persons can apply. Promoted:

  • the acquisition or new construction of a condominium
  • the extension or extension of the home, should the existing housing for disabled people not be appropriate
  • the extension or modification of buildings to create housing


Preference Communities Other Regions
3 persons (family with 1 child) 32,640 Euro 28,560 Euro
4 persons (family with 2 children) 39.360 Euro 34.440 Euro
5 persons (family with 3 children) 46.080 Euro 40.320 Euro
2 persons (single parent with 1 child) 29.040 Euro 25,410 Euro
3 persons (single parent with 2 children) 33,360 Euro 29,190 Euro
for each additional child + 6,720 Euro + 5,880 Euro

Go to Income determination , the annual gross income of all household members was used as a basis. In principle, the income in the month of application and the past 11 months is used for the calculation.

Persons with own income of

  • 1,000 euros are deducted from employment,
  • 102 euros for pensions
  • and the actual income-related costs.

Thereafter, if the claimant pays

  • health insurance premiums,
  • pensions,
  • life insurance premiums, or
  • income taxes, then 10% of the balance will be deducted.

Does the claimant pay any taxes or social security contributions , a flat rate six percent of the annual income will be deducted. Subsequently, the calculated income for each household member is added. This sum can be additionally reduced by deductions and / or deductions:

  • 5,000 euros - civil partnerships under the Civil Partnership Act or married couples under 40, whose marriage was not more than five years ago
  • 4,500 euros - severely disabled persons who are assigned to a care level or whose degree of disability is at least 50 percent
  • 1,000 euros - for each child born in the sense of & sect; 32 (1) - (5) of the Income Tax Act is
  • EUR 6,000 - for amounts and proven maintenance obligations

Total cost limits

For support, interested parties must pay attention to total costs , which include:

  • When buying a new building or a new building: costs for land including development, buildings with own services, outdoor facilities, services for authorities, architects and engineers.
  • When buying a used property: purchase price and costs for the planned modernization.
  • Not part of it the real estate transfer tax as well as costs for the notary and entry in the land registry.
House form Total costs
Detached house 190.000 Euro
Semidetached house or Terraced house 178.000 Euro
Semi-detached house or Condominium 163.000 Euro

Depending on the region, costs may be increased by 15 or 25 percent. In the case of severely handicapped persons or children-rich persons, it can be exceeded by a further ten percent.

To read more : Law on Social Housing Promotion (PDF)

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