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The hedgehog is a nocturnal solitary. But that does not mean that he is a useless animal, which occasionally stumbles through the garden of the handyman - quite the contrary. His menu includes snails, earthworms, spiders, mice and frogs. The hedgehog is therefore an orderkeeper that every handyman should cherish in his garden. Hedgehogs are important farm animals that every garden owner needs. Unfortunately, they are endangered for different reasons. The main reason is the progressive development of people who increase their living space. They reduce the habitat of the hedgehogs, which die each year in large numbers. Some of them are accidentally run over by motorists, others find no food or shelter. The latter can provide home improvement to the animals by building a hovel house for them.

Preliminary Considerations

The food supply for hedgehogs disappears in mid-October. While the young animals still have enough strength to invest a little more effort in foraging, the older hedgehogs are building their winter quarters at this time. For this purpose, they look for foliage, wood, and brushwood in the home gardeners' gardens.

In addition to these natural shelters, do-it-yourselfers can build hedges for their winter quarters. It is important not to make the mistake of keeping hedgehogs in the house over the winter. The hedgehog is not a pet. He wants to go to sleep from mid-November and wake up between March and April next year.

As mentioned before, hedgehogs are loners who do not need much help to survive if people do not reduce their habitat. The ideal garden is as natural as possible designed and managed. The hedgehog finds sufficient hedges, fruit trees and a beautiful meadow. The Hedgehog House is a nice bonus that helps the animal to come through the winter.

Build a nice house for the hedgehog. You need:


  • Protective equipment (gloves, goggles, ear protection)
  • 1x wooden plate 26/40 cm, with approx. 20 mm thickness
  • 2x wooden plate 26/30 cm, with approx. 20 mm Thickness
  • 1x wooden plate 17/25 cm, with approx. 20 mm thickness
  • 1x wooden plate 24/40 cm, with approx. 20 mm thickness
  • 1x wooden plate 36/49 cm, with approx. 20 mm thickness
  • mind. 15x wood countersunk screws 3,5 / 40 mm, hot-dip galvanized
  • Emery paper 400 grit
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Wood drills with approx. 3 mm diameter
  • Band saw or coarse hand saw or jigsaw with wood saw blade
  • Pencil
  • Steel Ruler
  • Building Instructions Hedgehog

How to do it:

Before starting

Prepare all parts required for the construction of the Hedgehog house. Measure all parts cleanly and transfer the measurements to the wooden boards. Use a band saw or a jigsaw to make the individual boards the right size. In this step, also saw the entrance opening of the Hedgehog house from the front (part 4). If you do not own a saw, you can alternatively have the boards sawed in the cutting department of a hardware store. This saves you time and effort. Inquire in advance whether the cutting department is capable of sawing small pieces of wood smaller than 20 cm - this is not always the case.

Bevel components 2 and 3 as shown. The chamfer serves to tilt the roof panel later so that rainwater can flow off cleanly.

Once you have sawn out all parts, sand the edges clean with the 400 grit paper.

Step 1

Remove from the back wall ( Part 1), the two side walls (parts 2) and the front wall (part 4) a frame. Place the side walls (parts 2) between the rear and front wall and screw them together on each side with three 3.5 / 40 mm countersunk wood screws. To make work easier, the individual parts can be pre-drilled with a 3mm wood drill.

Step 2

Place the partition (part 3) in position against the front wall, next to the sawn-in entrance opening, and secure it from the outside using three 3.5 / 40 mm countersunk wood screws. Again, it is worth boring to pre-drill the components.

Step 3

Place the roof panel (Part 5) and weigh it down with some larger stones. Thus, the interior is protected in storm and even larger pets such as dogs and cats can not overturn the Hedgehog house.


Tips and Hints

The roof is removable, so that the interior can be cleaned or checked if necessary , It is advisable to carry out the cleaning in the summer, while in winter, hedgehogs hibernate and may have retreated to the hedgehog house.

Make sure that you do not use any contaminated wood, only use natural wood. Ask at a local hardware store and get advice.

  • Do not place the Hedgehog house in the blazing sun. Instead, choose a shady, quiet place that is ideally out of the scope of other pets such as dogs or cats.