Stop Garage Chaos: How to Get Ordered

Stop Garage Chaos: How to Get Ordered

Who does not know the problem? Everything that has no place in the house ends up in the cellar. If there is no cellar, the stuff ends up in the garage. Actually, everything here should only be stored temporarily, but the human habit ensures that the parts stay longer in the garage than they should actually. Car tires, lawn mowers, old boxes - all these things get in the way and hinder the inhabitants. It gets really bad when the garage is so crowded that the car has to park in front of the garage. Many people tacitly accept this state of mind, even though they only have to invest a few hours and some money to put an end to chaos . Get organized with

order in his garage

and thus wants to free up space, must tackle this task systematically. First, get an overview of all things that are currently stored in the garage and what things should fit into the future here. Car tires, garden hoses, tools and Co. - they all have a legitimate place. However, depending on the size of the garage, these things can not be stored on the floor. And which place is better for stowing than the walls of the garage? We recommend a combination of interior systems

, which are commercially available, and cabinets. The cabinets are especially recommended because they have sliding doors for a garage. Especially in small garages, where doors are usually problematic, score these cabinets. Also practical are hinged door cabinets for the tool. Hook systems for the wall Bulky garden tools such as garden shovels, bicycles and car tires can be hooked to the wall with hook systems. This saves valuable space at the bottom of the garage. Most people use rims trees, which usually stand in the way in small garages. Also the bike is a typical problem in the garage, because it takes up a lot of space.

Hook systems are available in different versions:

Small baskets

Four wheels

  • Garden tool holder
  • Wall grille for tools
  • Hooks for bicycles
  • With the right combination of systems, everyone can customize their own garage and take full advantage of the available space.
  • Underground Shelter

For garage owners who are not Height is missing, and the extra storage space, there is the possibility to create an additional storage space below the ceiling. Similar to the loft in the house, a

wooden dust floor

can be moved in. This is commercially available as a finished construction and must be assembled by the handyman only. Experienced DIY enthusiasts can of course also produce the dust floor themselves. The dust floor is practical for the reason that it forms another level under the roof. Using a home improvement garage Nowadays, the garage is a very multifunctional space that can be used for multiple tasks. In the garage, not only the car is protected from the inclement weather, garden tools and other things are kept. Do-it-yourselfers who enjoy working on various projects for their home can also install a

workbench here

. If the car is driven out, then there is enough space in the garage for big projects. For example, DIY enthusiasts can sand and paint wooden furniture even when it rains. Important : If you only want to use the garage as a workshop or storage room, you need a permit from the local building authority.

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