Switch to the Right Phone and TV Provider

Switch to the Right Phone and TV Provider

As we switch in our article & quot; electricity supplier & quot; escape the price spiral & ldquo; German consumers are very comfortable people who do not like changing their tariff, even if they can save a lot of money by changing. Nevertheless, in this article we would like to point out again that the comparison of tariffs and change to a provider can not only save money, but is also necessary. Because only with sufficient competition, the large providers are forced to reduce their prices. But it's not about electricity or gas, it's about Entertainment . The market for Internet, telephone and television providers is also highly competitive. So a close look is worth it.

The German consumer: a comfortable journeyman who does not like change

Electricity and gas utilities know very well that German consumers are not particularly happy with the move to a new supplier. It's hard to say if people do not like the idea of ​​change, or if they simply do not know that other providers offer lower prices and better service. The latter is an unthinkable scenario given the wealth of information available on the Internet. Consumer portals repeatedly point out that rising prices can only be stopped by switching to competition. So, customers have the job of giving up their habit-life and fighting the price rise.

Why Consumers Should Think About Switching

  1. Anyone who's dissatisfied has definitely the best reason to switch.
  2. Does the provider raised the price? Then a change is more than justified.
  3. The Internet is slowing down, the phone goes off and the TV channels are deleted in turn? Again, it says: Switch.

There are many reasons to change providers. Unfortunately, most consumers overlook them and remain loyal to their current provider because they may have been a customer there for years. But what good is the loyalty of the membership, if the provider does nothing for his loyal customers and his offer is worse than that of the competition?

Where can dissatisfied consumers change?

In Germany, Deutsche Telekom enjoys a market leadership for years, which the company has earned primarily with its nationwide lines. Other companies usually do not have their own lines and rent those of Telekom. Despite this fact, they usually offer cheaper prices than the telecom and often even better service. Ever since the Drosselkom announced their plans for the new tariffs, more and more people are keeping an eye out for the competition. The situation: First, an insider announced that the telecom in the future, the Internet access of its customers would be throttled. The rumors quickly became the bitter reality. Users of the Internet offer of the Telekom are to pay for unlimited Internet in the future more. All other rates will be given a volume per month, and if exceeded, will be throttled to 128 kbps.

This decision has been fueling discussions for weeks. An action against the plans of Deutsche Telekom has already been launched on the electronic petition platform of the German Bundestag. At the same time the consumer center NRW has warned the Telekom clauses.

The situation of the Telekom makes it clear how important it is that German customers do not put up with everything and switch to the competition. One of these competitors is Tele Columbus . The company was selected by FOCUS MONEY out of nine competitors to the test winner in the field of double flatrate (landline and Internet), was awarded the rating "VERY GOOD". for his DSL double Flat by Tariftipp.de and was rewarded with the 1st place in the overall result of Check24. To advertise for new customers, offers Tele Columbus changers the first six months for free. Whether the company offers its services in your area can be checked using the online check-out tool

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