Table decoration: decorating the table to match the fall

Table decoration: decorating the table to match the fall

The days are getting shorter and darker, the rain is gaining the upper hand - it's clear, autumn is here. For many people, autumn is a sign that the summer is over and more time spent indoors. Other people see autumn as one of the four seasons for which they decorate their home.

In the following article we give examples of decorating the table. For the ideas we have inspired the online shop for table decoration Tafeldeko. There, consumers will find numerous table decorations for fall, as well as other seasons, holidays and more.

Pumpkins - the representative of autumn

What exactly characterizes autumn? The reddish leaves, the grubby weather or the shorter days? Pumpkins: Yes, they can of course be prepared for a variety of meals. Ornamental squash in miniature form are also excellent objects for a table decoration. The small pumpkins are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The more pumpkins you buy, the more balanced the decoration.

The easiest way to use ornamental squash as a decoration is simply to place it on the table, for example in a beautiful bowl.

Leaves bring paint into play

In autumn, the leaves of the trees take on a reddish color. Do-it-yourselfers can collect leaves in their home garden or in the forest and use them as decoration. Before that you have to let them dry on the heater a little so that they do not contain moisture.

The leaves should not be too dry, then they break apart.

The dried leaves are scattered all over the table, so it makes one feel like one is sitting on the ground in the forest.

If you do not want to use real leaves, because they only have a limited useful life before they decompose, you will find felt maple leaves in the above store for the same purpose

The leaves can also be tied into a garland by means of a string and placed around the table (on a wall).

Decorating the table with heather

Starting with the late summer shows a beautiful, natural plant what is in her: the heather that blooms between August and October. In nature, one encounters whole tracts of land that resound in colors ranging from violet to yellow to pink.

Heather is a very superficial term that includes many different varieties.

In healing, heather is used against rheumatism. We use the beautiful herb for the decoration of a table in autumn. In medicine, heather is used against rheumatism. We use the beautiful herb to decorate a table in autumn.

The heather must first be dried. Then you wrap several branches with a string around a glass carafe to give them shape. The simplicity of the glass carafe in combination with the beautiful herb gives the impression of being in the great outdoors.

Glowing pumpkins even without Halloween

In the USA, autumn is associated with Halloween. Fittingly, families pick up pumpkins, make nasty faces and place a candle in their hollow interior. The pumpkins are said to drive out evil spirits.

The same principle can be applied without carving into the pumpkin. Instead, autumnal motifs are used, such as branches, leaves, hedgehogs, acorns, mushrooms, and other representatives of this season.

To light up the pumpkin, follow these tips:

  • Pick a large pumpkin to which the desired motif fits
  • Thoroughly clean pumpkin
  • separate the lid of the squash with a sharp knife
  • remove the fibers and seeds with a spoon from the inside
  • then cut out the pulp
  • hollow out the inside until it can shine light through the shell
  • with a nail mark the desired motif on the pumpkin
  • using a serrated knife to cut out the marked areas


Finally, place an (electronic) candle in the Inside the pumpkin and placing it on the table.

Homemade Lanterns made of Glasses

In the fall, the days are getting shorter and shorter, so you need a suitable lighting on the table. If you do not want to switch on the existing lighting, you can make your own lanterns.

Lanterns are actually made of paper or similar materials. In our example we give old glasses, carafes or similar vessels a new purpose: to bring light into the dark.

The following is required:

  • Glasses
  • colored leaves
  • Candles

The glasses must first be well cleaned Finally, no dirt should be visible later. Afterwards, stick the leaves (with napkin glue) directly onto the glass until it is completely covered.

Make bottles into beautiful vases

Autumn has some beautiful flower specimens that round off every fall decoration perfectly. Many flowers in dried form, even on their own a good figure on the table. Other varieties would like to be on display - for this they need a nice vase.

First, you choose three bottles in different sizes, for example, 0.5 and 0.75 and 1 liter. Then you look for old handkerchiefs, which you certainly still lying around at home. Alternatively you will be able to find them at a flea market. The bottles are wrapped in the blankets and sewn shut. Finally, tie a cord around the neck of the bottle and let it dangle loosely. Now put a beautiful autumn flower, for example a dahlia or sunflower, in the bottle and place it on the table.

Autumn wreath of lantern flowers and autumn fruits

The decoration on the table is rounded off with a beautiful autumn wreath. This can be crafted from various natural helpers of the season. We recommend the following:

  • Lantern Flowers
  • Rose Hips
  • Pruning Hats
  • Knotweed
  • Dahlias
  • Various Berries

The basis of the wreath are branches of the first two plants. They are tied around a blank of willow branches. Then you start attaching the lantern flowers, rose hips, and spiked hats to the wreath until it takes on the shape you want.


If you want to bring autumn into your own four walls, this season offers plenty of material is available for free. Natural materials can be combined into a variety of decorative items. There is nothing wrong with combining home-made and decorative items from retailers. The main thing in the home is to recognize that autumn is just around the corner.

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