Table decoration for festive occasions

Table decoration for festive occasions

True to the motto "the eye eats with & ldquo; the table decoration plays a big role on many occasions. At weddings, birth, christening, communion, Christmas or just for different seasons. Here are some tips for table decorations for different occasions.

As the evenings get slower and the temperatures drop, the cold season is approaching. People spend more and more time in their cozy home and enjoy delicious food on their decorated tables decorated with table decoration .

Autumn table decoration

Especially in autumn, nature offers many things to make wonderful Chestnuts, colorful foliage, bizarre branches and fruit stalks of different plants. All this is free in the forest or in your own garden. Important : When making your own make sure that everything is well dried and can not rot.

Colorful decoration

Especially suitable for decorations is the dogwood. Its branches are either black, light green or bright red. Due to their particularly good stability, they are ideal as a basis for arrangements. To do this, cut several branches to the same length and place in a glass. Fill the jar with pebbles to hold the branches. Now put in your own taste branches of maple, rose hips and hydrangea flowers and put the decoration on a wooden plate - finished is an autumnal table decoration. If you want to achieve a colorful effect, a budding rose can also be integrated into the decoration.

Clear view

For any type of table decoration: Do not overdo . If you sit opposite, you naturally want to look the other person in the eye and not have to talk to the table decoration. Little smell should go out from the decoration so as not to be distracting when eating.

Decoration for a wedding

Choosing the right table decoration is one of the most important preparations for a wedding. It needs to match the space and bridal bouquet as well as the wedding couple. Classic Symbols of love such as heart, dove, rose, ring and pearl underline a festive table decoration.

Personalized Favors

Rustic wedding: festive table with fresh fruit and many flowers on a white tablecloth.

  • Festive wedding: It shines with high-quality silverware, fine napkins, silver Candlesticks and classic flower arrangements.
  • Romantic wedding: The table decoration consists of red roses, hearts in various colors, sizes and different materials as well as numerous scattered rose petals and candles.
  • Again, pay attention that the decoration is the wedding guests not hampered in their

conversations . Floral arrangements should be arranged oblong and flat. For a wider and higher decoration, the center of the table is recommended. Christmas table decoration

When the big Christmas is coming, the plans for the banquet are already set. Then all you have to do is select the theme of the table decoration -

the eye finally eats with . Year in, year out, knitted accessories are particularly popular on the tables. Whether as covers for flower vases, candlesticks or complete

placemat - in terms of creativity you can let off steam. Of course, the classic colors include red and gold. Tip

: The golden Christmas tree balls do not necessarily have to hang on the Christmas tree, they look just as good at the table. Baptism & Communion


Baptism is usually the first celebration in the life of a newborn, at least for Catholic and Protestant children. With baptism, people become children of God and part of the church. As a family celebration the families of the child put a lot of emphasis on a good decoration. Sizoflor table tapes and flowers adorn the tables, napkins are folded into beautiful patterns and candles illuminate the room. The decoration for baptism and communion is usually similar and rather simple. While baptismal colors predominate in blue and pink, silver and gold dominate during communion. Artikelbild: © Kudin / Shutterstock

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