The aim of the bedroom design: peace and cosiness

The aim of the bedroom design: peace and cosiness

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in every apartment. Unfortunately, we pay too little attention to this space. Each person spends a third of his life asleep. It's time to properly equip the bedroom.

During the day, the dormitory is usually deserted. Only late in the evening do people come here to rest, read a book and, of course, sleep. Especially in small apartments, this room can also be used for other purposes: to work, for a hobby or as a retreat.

Multifunctional bedroom

Already with few resources, the bedroom can be made comfortable to use it for multiple purposes. A first beginning are shelves: They automatically bring a homely flair into the bedroom. There is also a padded bed with a soft headboard, which makes reading more enjoyable during the day. A niche can certainly provide space for a comfortable armchair. Critical is the closet, which is indispensable in the bedroom. Here, finally, all clothes, shoes and other things find their place.

Tip: Known from US films are walk-in wardrobes . Everyone can design their front individually, eg: movable shelf elements, in which not only books, but also a hi-fi system and a TV can be accommodated.

Creative ideas for decoration

The room must have a feel-good atmosphere in the bedroom always be tidy. Standing laundry baskets and drying racks are just as disturbing as worn clothes scattered on the floor.

  • Before decorating this room, you should get an overall picture of the color scheme. Bright, bright colors on the walls are annoying and have a negative effect on sleep. If you really want to have pictures on your walls, you should be economical. Colorful collections are inappropriate anyway.
  • The theme of color choice can be applied to bedding. So you can make the room even better with beautiful bed linen, but here too, to be economical with the color.
  • In terms of green plants is to be advised against large species, they consume too much oxygen at night. Instead, there are orchids that can be complemented with candles that match the petals.
  • Creating a quiet atmosphere

As a place of rest, the bedroom should also have a calm effect and invite you to sleep. Laid-back work, a basket with ironing, the vacuum cleaner and a computer are not in the bedroom. They remind of work that is not done yet. Finally, three tips to help you sleep better:

Only with a pleasant climate, it can spend the night well. Optimal is a temperature of about 18 degrees. In the summer, the window is welcome to stay open, but in winter it stays closed so as not to create drafts.

  1. Everyone has their rituals, even before going to sleep: whether a bath to relax, a cup of herbal tea or a good book. It is important not to renounce the rituals, as they are the key to relaxation. Everyone knows the problem: one is tired, goes to bed slowly, and then the strangest thoughts pass through one's mind, one does not Let calm come. Worries and problems should therefore be written down before going to sleep or you should think about it.
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