The carport as an alternative to the garage

The carport as an alternative to the garage

The saying All the best comes from above & ldquo; does not really apply to automobiles and motorcycles. Snow, wind, hail, bird droppings and rain are anything but a good thing for their owners. To protect their gems from these dangers, many homeowners are building a garage or, more recently, a carport . It's cheaper, can be self-constructed and offers many more benefits.

Garages are actually much more expensive than a carport. But there is a reason for this, the closed variant protects the car (and other things) in many ways, including from vandalism, theft and martens. In addition, the garage is often used as a multipurpose room where car tires, car care products and bicycles are stored. In the summer you can even organize one or the other party in the garage. With these advantages, the decision should be clear, right? It's not that easy, of course, garages have their advantages, but that does not mean that they are far superior to the carport. And many consumers have recognized this and are increasingly opting for a carport.

The function of the carport

It sounds paradoxical, but it is true: in a very specific case, the carport can better protect the automobile than a garage. If you park your vehicle wet after a ride through the wet under the carport, the advantage is that the moisture is dissipated unhindered to the outside. The car dries faster and is well protected against rust . Of course, in all other situations, the vehicle also protects against rain, snow, ice, hail and bird droppings. And the protection against exactly these damages is important to prevent rust.

Also annoying : shoveling snow. Who lives in Germany, has hardly experienced a winter without snow. In the morning you have to get up very early and clear the car in an iron cold. Not a nice affair that costs a lot of time. Also the ice scratching is a thing of the past, because under a carport the disc can not freeze. The logic behind it is called radiation balance. When two bodies are in direct line of sight, temperature is exchanged via a radiation exchange. The side windows of a house point towards the warm houses and remain ice-free. The windscreen, on the other hand, points towards the cold sky and ices up when the car is outdoors. Under the carport, however, the roof obstructs the unobstructed view of the night sky, which prevents the pane from freezing . However, when it gets particularly cold, neither the roof of the carport nor the warm houses will help, and all the windows will freeze.

The cost factor

When it comes to costs, the carport is clearly ahead. It is cheaper to buy than a classic garage. Prefabricated kits , which are available in the market, can even help DIYers with a little know-how and our own instructions. Even in the field of garages there are now models that are built within a few hours, offer a lot of comfort and also convince priced.

Interested parties must therefore consider what their budget looks like, what their demands on the Carport or the garage and which of the two solutions your budget is the best. These questions can be easily solved with a carport calculator. In just a few seconds, interested people have the opportunity to find out how much their dream car will cost.

Carport is not the same as Carport

Over the past few years, the transitions between the carport and the garage have become increasingly fluid. Basically, the former is characterized by the fact that the driveway is open and not closed with a gate. That's pretty much the only criterion there is. The other three sides can be open or closed. And a carport with three walls is really close to a garage. Completely open carports have hardly anything to do with a garage. They consist of four posts (girders) and a roof. The roof also has many differences: Simple models have a Flat roof . This fulfills its purpose and does not cost much money because of its simplicity. In regions with heavy snowfall, however, the flat roof can become a problem when it collapses under the enormous load.

As an alternative to the flat roof, there are tonneau roofs and saddle roofs . The latter are known from the house, because almost every house has a pointed saddle roof. Tonnendächer come out without corners and edges. This roof has the shape of a round arch. Both roofs have one thing in common: they look more appealing than the classic flat roof and reduce the aforementioned problems in heavy snowfall.

The advantages summarized

These are the advantages of a carport:

  • It protects the automobile or motorcycle from precipitation
  • Protecting the vehicle from rust and corrosion.
  • In winter, car owners no longer need to clear their vehicle.
  • They are available in a variety of designs and materials
  • Priced in both budget and luxury styles with fancy and high quality designs.

Artikelbild: © kornilov007 / Shutterstock