The changing table for the baby

For parents, pregnancy is an exciting time that involves many changes - both physically and mentally and within their own four walls. Parents need to prepare extensively for the upcoming family growth. One of the frequently asked questions is what a perfectly equipped changing table looks like. This question is explored in the following article.

The right location

In the first few weeks and months, parents will spend a lot of time at the new changing table. Accordingly, the location plays a major role in the purchase of a changing table. The location should allow maximum freedom of movement, so parents and children alike feel comfortable and safe. For the parents, the location is crucial, because they need a lot of sensitivity and patience in the first few weeks when dealing with their baby - little space and an unsafe environment would make this time more difficult.

A changing table should therefore be located where it is needed Space is available and all the important things are within reach. Unfortunately, not all changing tables are so generous that you can store all utensils in them. An alternative to the classic changing table would be the changing table, in which you can accommodate all the necessary things. In some children's rooms, however, there is simply no room for this large chest of drawers.

The various changing tables

Changing tables are available in various designs. All have advantages and disadvantages, parents have to choose the best option for their individual needs.

  • Changing table: The chest of drawers is a classic among changing tables. It is extremely stable and very practical thanks to its storage space. A big advantage is that you can continue to use this piece of furniture as a dresser in the nursery after the wrapping time.
  • Changing shelf: If you need a flexible changing table, you can opt for a rollable version. The winding shelf can be attached to different places in the apartment. It is important that the winding shelf is stable and does not wobble.
  • Changing cabinet: When space is at a premium, the changing cabinet is the ideal solution. The attachment takes place on a free wall. After wrapping, parents fold down the mattress base so that there is enough room left over for other things.

When it comes to storage space and safety, parents should look for the right changing table at a retailer. In local commerce, future parents can test the numerous models and get an idea of ​​the changing tables, their equipment and safety. In addition to changing tables, parents will also find many other products for their baby, such as car seats, prams and toys.

Safety is the top priority

When it comes to the next generation, safety is always the top priority. Certainly not only the stability or storage area of ​​the changing table is meant, but also the materials. As the Stiftung Ökotest has determined, carcinogenic formaldehyde can be found in many changing tables. Of the ten products studied, only two "comforters" with good & ldquo; rated. Surprisingly, the cheapest model is the test winner.

Safe changing tables are always awarded with test seals. Parents should pay attention to the following seals when buying a baby dresser:

  • GS Mark: Baby Changing Tables with the seal & quot; Certified Safety & ldquo;
  • Blue Angel: Awarded since 1978 for particularly environmentally friendly products.
  • eco-certificate Ecological product testing: Changing tables with this label consist to a large extent of renewable raw materials and have a good energy balance .
  • Tested for harmful substances (LGA): Products with this certificate comply with the statutory minimum requirements and the additional test requirements of the LGA with regard to pollutant content.

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