The Development of Energy Prices 2016

The Development of Energy Prices 2016

These days, a millionaire advertises loudly and effectively for a electricity supplier comparison and change on TV. Because every year, again in autumn, the comparison portals become active in order to win new customers. The price development of electricity and gas will be announced in the third season for the coming year - a change partly lucrative. Price increases are expected for 2016 as well. The electricity is becoming more expensive. By contrast, gas prices should ultimately decline.

Electricity prices will rise in the coming year

The comparison portals & quot; Check 24 & ldquo; and & quot; Verivox & ldquo; agree: Electricity prices will rise by an average of 2.9 percent in the coming year. That equates to 42 euros extra for a household that uses about 5000 kilowatt hours a year. As a result, the average energy cost of a household will be 9.9 percent higher - about 5.8 million households will be affected. Many suppliers have announced that they will raise their prices in January or February - about 100 different companies. However, there are also providers who want to downgrade the price. Here are about 30 to 40 suppliers for at least one tariff their prices lower.

Who wants to change the provider can be found by various electricity price comparisons on the Internet. Numerous tariff calculators take over the calculation. Here, however, several providers should be used in order to be able to compare better. The electricity suppliers, who want to lower their prices, can also be found in this way.

Reasons for Rising Electricity Prices

If you want to make better use of and promote ecological electricity, you have to pay for it. At least that is the current process in Germany, why electricity prices are increasing. Because the causes can be found on the one hand in the EEG surcharge. This will be increased from 6.17 cents per kilowatt hour to 6.35 cents per kilowatt hour. This represents an increase of three percent and means a record high, reported numerous network operators in October of the year. The green electricity is subsidized at fixed rates, but the price on the stock market falls at the same time - almost ten percent predict experts for the coming year. On the one hand, this increases pressure on suppliers of conventional coal or gas power plants.

Another decision of the Federal Government is also behind the electricity price increase. Because the subsidies for combined heat and power plants (the so-called CHP surcharge) will also increase: from 0.25 cents per kilowatt hour to 0.53 cents per kilowatt hours. This corresponds to an average price increase of about 14 euros per year. In addition, from 2016, there will also be a new levy for lignite-fired power plants, which will increase grid charges by 0.05 cents per kilowatt-hour. The energy transition in Germany is also a logistical challenge for network operators in terms of infrastructure: More investments must be made in transport routes. Numerous providers expect more costs through new distribution channels. If the power supply is to be ensured, for example, by underground cabling, this also costs a lot of money once again. These three to eight million euros will ultimately be passed on to the price of electricity.

Gas Prices Should Fall

But there is also good news for the coming year: Gas prices are being lowered in many cases. At least many gas suppliers have announced this. Around 3.9 million households are affected by these price reductions. Lower procurement prices lead to a reduction of up to 20.4 percent. Here, above all, an eye should be turned to basic gas supply and alternative providers. Because here are further significant price differences to find. Up to 46 percent can make a change of provider here. However, the average savings in the coming year are about nine percent.

Save with Fixed Price Guarantee

If you do not want to find out every year how energy costs will develop in the coming year, you should consider the possibility of a fixed-price agreement. Many suppliers offer a price guarantee of between three months and three years. However, such an offer becomes interesting for finances only for a period of one year, when the electricity price is fixed. Here, the consumer should study exactly the fine print, because so many cases lurk in the contracts for those who want to save. But in principle, a price guarantee can be worthwhile, and many experts rate these special rates positively.

There are also disadvantages with fixed prices. On the one hand, there remains an uncertainty that the market will develop more favorably over the period. In many cases, the fixed price is also based on a higher price level. But even at maturity, providers can adjust their prices again & ldquo; & ldquo; - and thus regulate in retrospect due to so-called tax and tax increases.


In the coming year, prices for electricity will increase. Around 3 percent additional costs should budget a budget. The reason is above all the energy turnaround: The EEG surcharge and the CHP surcharge rise, a further apportionment for lignite-fired power plants is added and the investments in the infrastructure make prices more expensive. In contrast, gas supply costs will decline in 2016 in many cases. Households may be able to reduce their living space by up to 20 percent, with an average saving of around nine percent.

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